Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Let's get this pawty started!!

All right you furry friends! It's the New Year's Eve, and I have been organizing a legendary party!
I took the leftover fancy booze the staff hadn't finished up during Christmas time, and as you can see, the bar is set up quite nicely with snacks and all. I have already my new stuffed friend with me (the kids have named it Carlos, how original...), and soon we are going to snap open the snacks and make us some drinks and have a fabulous PAWTY!!
We even have a nice New Year theme cat toy hanging on the ceiling! You can guess how much fun me and Carlos the 2nd will have when hanging on to that string!
And I have my laser eyes switched on.
So now I just want to wish all my readers a happy and fantastic New Year 2014!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Working out

I think it is very important for a cat to do some excercising to stay in shape. I myself like to jump and climb, run around etc. The lady of the house got this present for Christmas, and God knows she needed one! A kettlebell of 8 kilograms! That should get her moving!

I thought I should show her a bit how it is really done.

So you just grab the kettlebell...

(Ok, I just had to taste it a bit too...)

Anyhow, you just grab the kettleball and swing it to the left and right....
Ok so this IS quite heavy...

Oh well, maybe she got the point already... I guess I better stretch properly now before my evening nap.
So furfriends, remember to exercise to keep in shape!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

I've been awarded!

OMC, I'm so touched and happy to receive my very first blog award! I was given this honor by Nerissa, at the great Nerissa's Life -blog. I was actually given a change to choose from many awards. I chose the Sunshine Award, since it reminds me of the coming summer I'm already waiting for, since we are over Christmas already.

I have been rehearsing my thank you speech, because I think one has to make one when given an award, right? So, here goes... krhmm..

I would like to thank the Academy, my staff (especially the lady of the house for being my secretary) and my dear readers. I would love to thank my sponsors, but since I don't have any, so, I kind of can't. But the rest of you make this blogging thing so much fun. So, thanks!

When accepting the Sunshine Award, I have to do some things:

- Share eleven random facts about myself.
  1. I can hear/sense immediately when the lady wakes up in the morning, and grabs her phone from her night stand. I run to her straight away, and start purring and nibbling her phone. She should notice me first!
  2. Otherwise, I let my staff sleep at nights.
  3. I always follow the lady of the house to the toilet. Unless she closes the door so I can't open it... Then I meow and scratch the door so that she would notice what she did wrong.
  4. I also follow her to the shower. Unless she closes the door so I can't open it... Then I meow and scratch the door so that she would notice what she did wrong.
  5. I have a slight addiction to Trash Pack -toys. If I see one, I eat it. Unfortunately, the staff has restricted my access to these toys.
  6. When my staff leaves the house, I always send them off by watching out the terrace doors' window, sitting on my scratching pole. I keep staring at them as long as they are gone.
  7. I've been neutered.
  8. As soon as a water faucet is opened somewhere in the house, I'm there.
  9. I behave well in the car when traveling. I mostly sleep in my travel box.
  10. I haven't destroyed stuff around the house. I'm intelligent enough to only scratch my own scratching pole.
  11. The big one sometimes calls me stupid. I'm going to pee on his pillow.

- Answer eleven questions:

 1.  Have you ever owned a Ragdoll cat?
     - No
2.  If you could have one wish (and it actually came true) what would it be?
     - Limitless access to my favourite snacks.
3.  If you ever won $1000, what would you do with it?
     - Hmmm... is that little or a lot of money? What is it in Euros? By me some snacks!
4.  What is your favourite state in North America?
     - North America is sooooo far away, that I don't know so much about it... California sounds nice and summery.
5.  Would you ever be interested in breeding any animals?
     - No, I have been neutered.
6.  What's your favourite movie?
     - I don't watch movies, but I like to watch my staff when they watch the movies.
7.  Where are you from?
     - Finland
8.  What's your favourite colour?
     - Black of course, as in my fur.
9.  What's your favourite animal?
     - Cats, but fish for a meal.
10.  For how long have you been blogging?
     -  About four months
11.  Do you like cats more than dogs?
       - Of course! Allthough, I have never met a dog...

- Present this award to eleven bloggers who deserve some recognition and a little bloggin' love.
I don't know if the following blogs have already been awarded, but I will give this to them anyway :-)
These are just a few I more or less follow, and every blog I've found so far would earn an award! So even if you weren't on this list and have seen me in your comment box, you surely earn this award and feel free to grab it!

- Pose eleven questions for those bloggers.
I think the questions above were good, so keep answering to those!

There. I hope my secretary got all the practicalities right....

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I did it!

Success, I finally climbed on the Christmas tree!! OMC it was fun! I stayed there for a while, and I almost felt like a bird (sorry da tabbies...). Then it got a bit uncomfortable and I came down. The funny thing is that the staff didn't get angry at all! They were just laughing and taking pictures of me! Maybe I was supposed to do that? Next year I'll need to do this sooner already! 


I'll just sit here for a while...

Then I realised that the humans were taking all the ornaments and lights off the tree, and the big one started cutting the branches. Soon the whole tree was gone! Does this mean the Christmas is over now already? Just as I got to enjoy it properly! 

Friday, 27 December 2013


OMC, I think I've had more than my share of snacks for now... Please just roll me over to the sofa and let me take a nap. This holiday season is really bad for my figure... *burp*

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Game on!

The staff had their annual Christmas tournament with the table icehockey game. Yes, it's pretty embarrassing, they are adults and all... The game was so intense, that I had to step in as a referee.
But I guess I took my role a bit too seriously and got a bit carried away...

Man down, man down! One of the players took a nasty fall when I happened to push him a little with my paw... But not to worry, there is nothing wrong with him! The staff helped him up to his skates again and he was able to continue the game.
The result? The big one won of course, the lady of the house tried really hard but she didn't really stand a change.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

What a great Catmas!

OMC it was a good day yesterday! There were many new hands to give me nice scritches, new feet and stockings for me to smell and scratch. I got some tasty bits from the humans who were having a feast. And the presents! I got some delicious freeze dried fish snacks and a lovely custom made mouse toy! The mouse had been handmade with love by my grandmother, it's just great. Here are some pics.

Yummy!!! I wish Catmas could be every day!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well well well, it's Christmas, the day we have been waiting for! There's a lot of fun stuff coming up today, but also a lot of visitors. I'm quite a social cat, but we'll see if I need to find some more peaceful spot at some point if it gets too noisy or crowded.

But obviously the most important thing happens around 6 pm. The Santa Clause comes with all the presents! Oh boy I hope my secretary has gotten everything right on my Christmas list! I know I've been a good cat this year, but you know, sometimes the humans can misunderstand some stuff we cats like to do... So I'm kind of worried that the letter might have some small surprices, and not necessarily the good kind.. Oh well, but Santa knows me surely, so I shouldn't be worried.

Since it's still early, I don't have any pictures yet to prove it, but here are some pics of the Santa when he was here a couple of years ago. The kids have grown a bit since that, but Santa stays the same, obviously.

Since we are on the subject, did you know that Santa really comes from Finland? Maybe that is the reason he visits all of us already on the 24th? It sure is a long way to the US from here, maybe that's the reason he comes by you during the night? I don't know, I'm just saying... If you don't believe me, check out the Santatelevision!
Anyhow, I hope you all get lot's of nice presents from Santa, and that your staff gives you all kinds of nice treats and snacks while they are feasting too.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Oh THE Christmastree...

Now we finally have it! Our very own Christmas tree inside the house! The staff brought it in yesterday evening, after a bit of a hassle with the tree-stand and stuff. But now it is here.
What is this, it doesn't quite look like in the pictures just yet...
There, that's more like it! But where are all my toys? I've seen a lot of toys in other cats trees!
That's more like it! I'm just going to check it out first, and decide which ball I will play with first.
Oh these branches are just so lovely! The taste is also quite good I might add! But it is quite difficult to reach for the toys! The staff was so thoughtless and put all the toys so high up that I can't reach them!
Maybe I could jump from here to access the toys better?
Or if I just streeeeetch my paw a bit I could reach the star on top of it!
But no. So far I haven't been able to touch any toys that hang on the tree. Very frustrating! But it is nice to look at, and I like to paw around the lower brances. The staff doesn't like me to do that though, but what can they do!
But hey, tomorrow is the Big Day here in my country! I know many of you celebrate Christmas mainly on the 25th, but we here in Finland celebrate it already at the 24th! So tomorrow Tuesday the 24th at 6pm, I will see the Santa Clause for the first time! I'm so excited!!!
Yes, you read right! We get to meet the Santa Clause in person in our house! He will come and give all the presents to us. Good times, good times! I will give you a Christmas report later on as soon as my secretary recovers from all the festivities.
See you soon! 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Photobombing Carlos

The lady of the house stumbled on a very funny site in the internet the other day. It had a funny series of pictures of photobombing cats. If you haven't seen it already, do check it out. It is hilarious! Allthough, as a cat I would say those HUMANS were photobombing rather than the fellow felines!

Inspired from that, the big one showed the lady of the house this picture he had taken from a new lamp we have in our kitchen. The big one had sent this picture to his father to show how the lamp looked like. AND, guess who was photobombing this picture, ME of course!!

The lady of the house tried to be funny again (she should just stop trying, really...) And she doodled this picture below... Here I am, lighting up the lamp with my laser eyes. Well, I could do that if I wanted to, but this picture is just so humiliating...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's coming!

OMC, I feel the christmas tree is coming any day now! I saw a picture the lady of the house had taken when she went shopping for a christmas tree:

The one on the right is ours! Oh I can't wait! The big one said he would bring the tree in tomorrow. Right now it's still outside on our terrace. I shall never be bored again!! I´d better go to sleep soon so tomorrow will come faster.
Good times, good times....

Friday, 20 December 2013

Gone hiding

Today has been VERY annoying. First I was glad that the lady of the house came home early from work, to start her Christmas vacation. However, immediately after she came through the door, she started cleaning up the house. She has been talking about some great Christmas clean-up, and I guess this is it. Since I don't enjoy cleaning, I have mostly been hiding somewhere.

You might think this is me, but it is not. This is a random Turkish cat my staff met when they were in Turkey on a vacation last summer. This trip took place just before they got me, and they thought this cat reminded them of me. 

So enjoy this Turkish cat, since I haven't fastened on film today because I have gone hiding. Maybe tomorrow is a better day...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Oh when will he come?

I've been a very patient kitten, but soon my patience will run out. When will the Santa Claus come? I have wished for some delicious treats and some new toys, but he doesn't seem to be coming. Sigh. How many days there are still?

Dear Santa, please come already, I've been a very good kitten!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Supervising the work

Since Christmas is getting closer and closer, I will need to make sure that the staff is preparing the house for it properly. The lady of the house was cleaning up in the kitchen, and I was naturally supervising her work.

She did quite well, but there is always room for improvement!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The handy cat

Today I had some maintenance work to do, I had to install a lamp on the ceiling. My assistant brought in the ladder, and I climbed up to inspect the situation.

I need to put the power cord there....

...and the lamp will hang at this height...

There! Finished! Much better and lighter this way I would say. My staff is so lucky to have me. Otherwise they wouldn't get anything done!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Since you asked....

...I will show you how I get on top of the fireplace! Check out the video below:

See? Easy peasy!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Slow Sunday

It hasn't been happening that much today in my opinion. Well, the lady of the house has been all over the place, coming and going the whole day. She says the Christmas preparations are keeping her very busy. She hasn't even had time to take a new picture of me! So, you have to settle with this one, where I am giving a "high paw" to the smallest of the staff.

Well, that's all folks. See you tomorrow again!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My vendetta against plants

When I get bored, I might come up with some random "projects" to pass my time. Lately I came up with an idea that some of the plants in this house are just on my way, and I need to get rid of them. It all started with one olive tree, which is spending the winter in the bedroom of my staff. As you can see the olive tree on the left was already suffering, and I thought I would help it out of its misery.

I mean hello, this is FINLAND, the olive trees don't belong here! This isn't Greece you know! The lady of the house has tried to nourish and cherish these trees a couple of years now. During last winter she almost lost the game, but somehow during last summer they came back to life on our sunny terrace outside. But back to my point. I noticed that the other tree only needed a tiny push to get it rest in peace, so I did. I bit some branches off and I scrarched what was left of it with my nails. The lady of the house was annoyed, and tried to stop me. Now she has moved the olive trees in her walk-in-closet, behind closed doors. Guess if the trees will survive a dark and cold room? I don't think so! As a bonus, now I have more room on the table above to strech myself and even have a nap if I feel like it. Carlos vs plants, 1-0.

The other annoying plant we have in our living room is this palm tree. The bad thing with this plant is that it has very sharp leafs. They stick you like needles. Obviously, I don't appreciate that if I try to climb on it. So today, I was leaning on the palm tree a bit, and finally it gave in and fell towards the floor. I guess I need to do this a couple of times more to finish it properly, but this was a good start. Carlos vs plants, 2-0.

Luckily the lady of the house is very bad with any kind of green plants in general, so we don't exactly live in a jungle. So there aren't that much plants to get rid of. I'll need to start making plans for the rest of them... Any tips for neutralizing plants in innovative ways are highly appreciated!


Friday, 13 December 2013

Someone's watching...

...over you with his lazer eyes...
Have a fab Friday and a lovely weekend!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Me first!

The lady of the house thinks she's going to write some Christmas cards.

Sure, but first she has some cuddling to do with me!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Yeah, so I did it...

Why do you leave my treats on the table if you don't want me to eat them? I'm the independent kitten you know! But for the record, next time leave the proper snacks on the table, not these crappy ones. These only smell good, but taste bad.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The IKEA cat

The lady of the house has a lovely shopping bag for groceries, a rustling blue IKEA bag. The other day she had left the bag on the floor for a while, and as soon as I noticed it, I took my chance and got in. What a lovely hiding place!

OK, since I'm too curious and social of my character, I didn't stay in the bag too long. But it was nice while it lasted!

Monday, 9 December 2013

It's getting hot in here...

I have very educated readers, many of you guessed right. I was in the sauna. It wasn't on, I don't like to be there then, it gets too hot for me!

But every time I have a chance, I sneak in here. Sometimes I sharpen my claws on the wooden walls, and sometimes I sit on the windowsill and check out what's happening outside. When the lady of the house takes a shower, I wait in the sauna, and as soon as she's done, I come into the bathroom and help her wipe the floor.

So many purrs and warm thoughts for all of you!

Did you know that almost all finnish houses have a sauna in them?  And that the humans go there naked? I wouldn't take my fur off for that... Humans can be strange sometimes, especially in this country!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Guess where I am?

Good morning Sunday! Today I have a quiz question for you!
Can you guess where I am in this picture? To be more precise, in what room of our house am I?
You'll get the correct answer in a couple of days :-) Unfortunately, I don't have any prizes to give you, but I can offer many purrs and warm thoughts from me!

Saturday, 7 December 2013


It's Saturday night and I'm just taking it easy on the sofa with the lady of the house. I'm keeping her warm and she's giving me a nice scratch. A win-win situation I would say. Have a nice evening friends!