Thursday, 31 October 2013

You did WHAT?

You spent all this time doing grocery shopping and you claim you didn't buy any CAT FOOD?? Are you out of your MIND human?
Sometimes it's just so frustrating to try and train your staff...

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Don't mess with me

If I really want to, I can bring down a chair. So don't mess with me human!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I wonder...

....if I should take that lamp shade down and tear it apart...

Monday, 28 October 2013

Heaven for the lady of the house

It really doesn't take much to please the lady of the house... This Saturday night she was blissful in the following situation:
She had me on her lap, Coca-cola in her glass, and a new season of her favourite series, Midsomer Murders, to watch on TV. She was happy.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stuff I have been eating lately

I guess someone would consider this post to be somewhat embarrassing for me, but I'm not ashamed of (almost) anything that I have done, I think it just gives me more experience on different things, good or bad.
Today I thought to share some maybe quite unexpected culinary experiences I have had lately. I still have the curious little kitten inside of me, who likes to taste and chew on different things. The lady of the house claims that it is usually the dogs that chew on everything, but I don't see why cats couldn't do that too??? Also, the smalles members of the staff have a habit of leaving all kinds of interesting things on the floor or on the tables, and I just happen to find these things, and then I very often just have to eat/taste/bite them. It's really as simple as that.
So here comes the stuff. Some of the pictures might upset the most sensitive viewers, so you have been warned...
A TrashBag. Not this particular individual, but you get the idea. A nice small, chewy, rubber thingie the smallest ones collected at some point. Very nice to chew on, doesn't taste like much though. Didn't cause any harm to my digestion, all in all quite an interesting experience.
An earplug. I found this one on the floor, and was immediately interested. Same kind of chewy rubber thing as the previous one. The lady of the house didn't appreciate this deed either... She found this half-eaten earplug with some black fur attached on it, and she knew right away what had happened...
A hair elastic. The smallest ones were playing with this yesterday, but when they were done with it, it was my turn. This one was a bit more challenging, but I was able to brake it into pieces. Or two pieces to be exact, this is what was left of it. In this case I have to admit that it probably wasn't any of my smartest ideas to swallow the 2/3 of the elastic... As you might guess, the piece didn't quite pass my digestion. So I might have vomited the damned thingie on the wee hours of the morning... The good thing is, that the lady of the house learned that I have a different kind of meowing for an upcoming vomit! She had even time to guide me to a better place from the white hairy carpet to do my thing. So, not much harm done.
Now you might think that I would have learned something from all this, that I wouldn't touch any suspicious stuff anymore? But no, I can't promise you that. I'm still as curious as before, and as long as there are interesting things on my path, I'm sure I will have to taste them!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wet cat

I have to admit that I didn't see this one coming. I couldn't predict the consequences when I followed the big one to the shower. As I have told you, I always want to be there in the bathroom when my staff takes a shower. So I followed the big one to the shower, and look what happened:

He took me with him in the shower! I wasn't asking for it, I don't think I needed it, but he did it anyway! As you can see, I DID NOT appreciate it at all...

I had JUST spent the afternoon washing myself the traditional feline way, and I was happy with the result. But I guess it wasn't enough for the staff, they had to wet my fur thoroughly before they considered it was fine. Obviously I needed to lick the water from my fur all over again, what a waste of a good nap time! Damn those humans!

Friday, 25 October 2013


Is there an extraterrestrial alien watching us on the kitchen cabinets?

Noooo, it's just me, Carlos! With the flashlight eyeballs!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

#ootd #selfie #MOL

I thought I should do like all the proper fashionista bloggers do, post an outfit of the day and a selfie picture of myself. So here goes.

Today I'm wearing (well, like always..) my silky smooth black cat fur outfit, which is mostly black but has some  nice white details to give the overall impression some nice variation. I've been told that I have inherited this colouring from my father, since my mother looks totally different. This selfie picture has been taken in my mansion, in the living room to be exact. I'm standing on the sofa arm here, trying to have a look outside but the thoughtless staff hasn't yet opened the blinds.

So, I guess that was it. The "outfit of the day" should probably be "outfit of all my days" in this case though...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In sickness and in health

Today the lady of the house isn't feeling very well. This means I need to comfort her and give her a little TLC, I know I'm the best cat for the job. In practice it means sleeping on her belly a lot, purring and staring admiringly at her. I know she appreciates that, and she pets and scratches me back just the way I like it. It's really a win-win situation.
I hope she gets well soon, I wouldn't like to experience any delays in my feeding schedule because of this...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The beast in me

Friends, I'm happy to tell you that although I'm an indoor cat, my primitive instincts of a predator are still intact. I saved my staff and my mansion from a malicious creature, that had been lodging in the toy cupboard of the smallest members of the staff.
I saw the hidious rat, and I prepared for an attack. I jumped on it and got a good grip of it with my teeth. I dragged the rat into a corner, and started to fight the life out of it. The staff seemed to be very impressed, and they were even a bit frightened of my growling. They said they never heard me growl like that before, and they were right. But this surely was the first time I had to protect my staff and our home like that. Desperate times require desperate measures.
The lady of the house was able to get a picture of that rat. I tell you it was huge and scary, but I wasn't scared! She even knew the species of the rat, she called it an IKEA rat. I've never heard of the kind, but I'm sure it's very harmful. Here is the picture of the pest I was able to destroy:

I have to say though, that for my confusion the staff seemed to be quite amused of my doings after they got over their first reaction... I don't quite understand it, they should be very thankful for me instead of laughing at me.... Who knows what kind of damage this kind of a rat could have caused to the mansion! People can be so strange and ungrateful sometimes...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Cat vs TV

Hey staff, I would have something important to tell you, would you just stop watching the TV and concentrate on me for a while?
Hello, I'm talking to you!!
I SAID I was talking to you!
Do I have your attention NOW, or do you want to see what else I can drop???

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Higher and higher

I don't know what it is but I have this continuous urge to climb higher and higher. In my mansion, I think only the ceiling is the limit, and I'm approaching that limit bit by bit. I found a way to reach the ceiling, but it's a bit trickier than I thought.

See? There isn't much left to the ceiling, but the post I'm trying to climb here, is very challenging. I just can't get my claws to sink in it properly. Any tips?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Snow is cool

Well, maybe I was overacting a bit yesterday. Afterall, I do have Finnish genes, and I'm naturally capable of handling snow, as soon as I get used to it. You know that I was only born last March, so I hadn't seen snow ever before.
The lady of the house thought it was time for me to get aqcuainted with the with stuff, so out we went!
I approached the white substance carefully, but as soon as my paws touched it, I just loved it! Did you know that you can scrape it, and leave nice paw marks on it? I bet you could even pee on it if given the change! I didn't stay out too long because it was a bit chilly, but this was really a nice change to my indoor life.
Winter, bring it on!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it freaking SNOW?!?!?

Friends, I'm a bit shocked right now. In the morning when I woke up and went to my scratching pole and looked out of the window, I saw loads of white stuff everywhere! It was falling from the sky all the time! I was freaking out because I didn't know what was happening. All the wonderful grass, tiles, stones, flowers and everything were covered in that stuff. Look:

Then the lady of the house tried to calm me down and explained that the white stuff was snow. And that it was a completely normal thing. And that there would be coming a whole lot of more of that stuff! The smallest of the staff were all excited, and wanted to go out immediately.
In my opinion, this is far from allright! I mean, how can they expect any cat tolerate this kind of living environment? What happens to all the lovely insects, mice and worms out there? What happens to my paradise? Will it be ruined? I'm sure my ancestries in Egypt weren't made for this kind of conditions! HELP! Is there any other cat out there who has survived snow? I'm sure many of you living in Brazil or Australia don't need to take this kind of crap? Could you adopt me to some lovely southern country? Pretinha, sua terra parece agradável e acolhedor!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Revenge of the cat

You might look at this picture, and think that there's a cute little cat staring at an egg-shaped plastic Anry Birds stamp. And you would be partly right. That is a quite cute picture. But looks can deceive you sometimes. What you see here, is a cat with the means for a revenge. I will tell you a true story.

Last Sunday, the lady of the house made a mistake and left the house for a WHOLE day, leaving me alone with the rest of the staff (all entertainers as I have told you). I managed through the day somehow, but decided that the lady had to be taught a lesson. I wouldn't tolerate this kind of abandonment just like that! When the lady of the house came back home late in the evening, I had a plan ready.

The staff went to bed just like every night. Usually I retire to bed too at the same time, but now I had something else on my mind. As soon as I heard the lady climbing into bed and making herself comfortable, I executed my plan. I was upstairs where the smallest of the staff sleep, and I had found this plastig egg-shaped Angry Birds stamp. I noticed it behaved like a ball, and I started rolling it around the laminate floor. You can guess it makes quite a noice in otherwise silent house. The lady of the house listened the annoying noice a while before she came upstairs to try and stop my fun. As soon as she arrived upstairs, I was just lying on the floor, purring and looking sweet. She hadn't even her glasses on (she's blind as a bat without her glasses), so obviously she didn't find my toy. She picked some other toy she thought the noice was coming from (I can tell you there were many options to choose from, there were more toys on the floor than on the cabinets), and put it away. I was smiling with my eyes, as she returned downstairs. Again I heard her climbing into bed, and again I started rolling the Angry Birds stamp on the floor upstairs. VICTORY!! She listened the ruckus for a while again, before deciding she won't be able to get any sleep before my means for the revenge was removed from me. Upstairs she came again, determined to find the right source of the noise. Again, I switched to my sweetest behaviour, purring and curling on the floor in front of her. Finally, she found the stamp and put it away. I considered she had passed her lesson and I let her go to bed in peace after that.

Never underestimate the power of a cat with a revenge...

By the way, if you would like to read how I improved the laundry process in our house, you can read the story here.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm famous!

I'm so thrilled to tell you that I have been interviewed for another lovely cat blog! You can read my thoughts on Jan's Funny Farm meet & greet post! Thank you Jan's Funny Farm, it was sure nice to be featured on your blog!

Monday, 14 October 2013

I'm fine

As you can see, I'm still fine. The day with the smallest entertainers went surprisingly well. The lady of the house and the big one had managed to get two babysitters for the smallest ones. One was called the grandmother and the other was called Netflix. With the combination of these two, I even had some quality alone time during the day! I guess this week will be OK after all!

Sunday, 13 October 2013


What did you say? You claim the smallest entertainers are on holiday the whole week?? I don't get my alone time at all this week?? How come you didn't consult me on this at all?? I NEED my alone time, desperately! I guess I need to find some hiding places asap...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Daily Cat review: Apple vs Samsung

I've been watching for a while now the "playful" argumenting between the lady of the house and the big one (you can read more about my staff here ) about which is a better smartphone, her Apple Iphone or his Samsung. My god it's getting boring! She is a true Apple fanatic, whereas he thinks his Samsung is the only possible choice. I was getting really tired of the conversations, so I thought I should bring in my opinion on the table.

There. I think the Apple charger cable tastes much better than the boring Samsung. The Apple version had a nice white chewy texture, and it didn't give in too easily. I had to work on it on a couple of different spots, until I reached the metal inside. The Samsung cable? I wouldn't touch that stuff even with a stick. So, I have to agree with the lady of the house, Apple is the best choice.

So big one, there you have it, the lady of the house rules. But I guess you knew it already...

Friday, 11 October 2013

Welcome new friends!

Oh how I'm delighted to see new visitors here and receive comments from you! Thank you and feel very welcome here! It was getting a bit boring meowing by myself, this is much nicer. Thank you also for the many good advice, I am very new here and don't yet know all the tech stuff. To be honest, the lady of the house isn't helping much either, although she considers herself "quite handy " with computers. Yeah right... But luckily there are many more experienced feline friends out there!

I have tried to add some new features according to your advice, but I'm not sure if they all are quite right yet. I removed the word verification, my e-mail is on the profile info (there must be a better way to do it, I just couldn't figure out how), and some kind of follow me button should be there. Just let me know if there are some other useful stuff to be added or changed around here.
I'm feeling quite technical already, see the picture how hard I'm concentrating on this stuff!
See you!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

How Carlos The Cat got his name

After reading the interesting story behind Kitty Korner's fellow cats and how they got their names, I thought I might as well share the origins of my rather exotic name.

I was adopted from a good friend of the lady of the house, who has some cats on her own. Her cat had some kittens, and they were looking for a new home. The names of my mom and sibling were quite grand and aristocratic. That's why the lady of the house thought that my name should be a bit different and exotic than the traditional cat names there usually are around here. My whole staff were pondering the name issue, and it seemed to be a very difficult task.

As I am a black and handsome boy, the lady of the house came to think some exotic latin names. She googled lists of spanish names to get some inspiration. Finally the smallest of the staff wrote all the suggested names on paper:

After that, they started picking out the names they didn't like. Finally, the result was clear. I became Carlos.

I have to say I'm very pleased with my name. I think it goes well with my handsome looks and my lovely and sociable character. The lady of the house thinks also that I'm a bit like a latin gigolo, and I don't argue with that. I'm quite a catch and I know it. I even used to take naps in the drawer where the lady of the house stores her bra, that's how gigolo I am! Well, nowadays I'm not granted entrance to the walk-in-closet, since you know, the peeing on the clothes happened... But anyways, Carlos The Cat is the man.

Well, to be brutally honest, I might not be the gigolo or the macho I've been just telling you. The lady of the house pointed out that I have been neutered....Yes. I'm fine with that, allthough it upset me a bit when I realised what had happened. But she tells me it was all for my best, and I have to believe her. So, now you know.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Take a trip down memory lane

Fellow cats, today I happend to find some old pictures of me when I was a tiny fuzzy furball of a cat, a small kitten. Nawwwww.... Oh how nostalgic I got all of a sudden.  Time flies so fast my friends, and still these pictures feel like they were taken yesterday. Look at the pictures, just how cute a kitten can get:
Look at those innocent baby blue eyes and that soft and fuzzy kitten fur...Naaawwww...

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Evil PicMonkey

I have to warn you fellow cats, that never let your staff get introduced with a photo editing tool called PicMonkey. Just don't allow that to happen. The lady of the house has unfortunately found it,  and she edits all kinds of stupid and false pictures of me. See:

Look what she has done! This picture has nothing to do with reality. First of all, there aren't spiders hanging from our ceiling, and my eyes aren't red. Also, if there were spiders like that, I most certainly wouldn't be scared of them. Never. This picture is manipulated, it gives a totally twisted picture of me.

So never let your staff play with that evil program, it won't end well I'll tell you... It won't end well...

Monday, 7 October 2013

Not funny

So the lady of the house thinks this picture is very funny. Here I am, trying to rest peacefully on my scratching pole. So I might have made a hole on it, and so my paw happens to stick out from that hole. SO WHAT??? Not funny if you ask me.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Let me see you JUMP!

Oh man I was on FIRE today! My staff had made me a new toy, and boy was I excited! They had attached some feathers to a stick, and that was enough to get me hooked. I was moving so fast that even the camera couldn't catch me properly. See the black figure on the pictures? That's me, on the move chasing the feather stick.

I can tell you, that was FUN!
Also, see how the lady of the house has gotten all handy with the picture editing? Nice.... Maybe we will now get to see a bit more advanced photos and graphics here.

Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm a tough one

In case you thought that I´m just a looser cat who can't even catch a bird, I went and killed this white spongy thingie. There. I can be a tough one when I want to.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

It wasn't me

I SWEAR I didn't have ANYTHING to do with this unfortunate accident these feathers are a proof of. I have NOTHING to do with this. The feathers just appeared there suddenly. Maybe the neighbour's cat did it? I know he likes to come to OUR garden. So typical of him to engineer this kind of a bird accident and blame it on me. SO typical.

Though, I have to say that given the chance, I would have catched that bird... I would have picked its feathers one by one, IF ONLY I WAS LET OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!!! Damn it... all these instincts going to waste indoors...

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Closing doors

I have been sensing some increasing distrust between me and my staff. I mean that the distrust is aimed towards me. I feel that they are trying to limit my living space at times. When they leave every morning during the weekdays, they close some doors so that I can't access all of the rooms in my mansion! I'm a bit upset, I think they are simply overacting. They close the doors to every bedroom, which is annoying since the beds are really nice and comfy to sleep in. I guess they do that because I might have been peeing again somewhere I guess I shouldn't have.... I admit, some time ago I felt I had to pee in a closet they had repeatedly left open. The lady of the house was quite upset. She even had to throw away a couple of bags that had been hit. I was sorry about that, I didn't mean that to happen. Really. So now they are being a bit overcatious in my opinion, and won't leave me unattended to their bedrooms.

I guess I have to reflect my own behaviour a bit, I guess I should have seen this coming... Damn it!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Take me away...

...somewhere, anywhere! I need a vacation! Look, I'm already in my travel box, let's just go somewhere.
Oh well, maybe I'll just take a nap here.