Saturday, 30 November 2013

I'm waiting....

You might think that you have seen this picture before, but you haven't. You have seen a similar picture before, but not this particular one.


This picture shows what I do every time one of my staff members goes near the fridge. I notice when they do that, and just in case I will take my position beside my food bowl. This way I want to make sure that if the staff member would give me food, I would get to eat it immediately.  Quite often it doesn't happen though. You would think that everytime they open the fridge to get themselves something to eat, they would remember they have a cat to feed too, but they don't!  I think it's quite unfair, that they are able to take food for themselves whenever they want, but I will get food only at certain times of the day. Hmph.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday and the big one

Finally I got my secretary back, but I'm still a bit upset with her. So I'm hanging out with the big one instead.

Well, as you can see my concentration is not exactly the best kind, here I am planning my next move already. But there are always things to do and places to be, so see you later and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My secretary has a day off

So today is Thursday, and all you get is a preset blogpost from me. Today the lady of the house (who also works as my secretary) has a day off from my work, since she has to work the WHOLE day for her other job. I think it's annoying, but what can I do. Maybe this was the reason behind yesterday's tuna sticks...

So, this is me today, staring at a blank computer and nothing is happening. But tomorrow is a new day, and I hope to get my secretary back where she belongs by then.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

More treats!!

OMC I must have been very good and nice because today the lady of the house brought me even more treats!!

What on earth is that?

Maybe I should smell it...

Tuna stick!!! YES!!! D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!
This is actually starting to be almost too good to be true, and I'm starting to have doubts on what the lady of the house is planning to do in the near future... Is she trying to bribe me for some reason...? Well, what the heck, I'm too excited to worry about that, I'll just enjoy my tuna stick now.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I would like to watch TV, but I don't know how this remote control thing works. Darn, there would be an interesting program about fish starting just about now!! Does anyone know how to put the TV on?

Monday, 25 November 2013

About a chair

We have a nice chair here in the house, and usually one needs to be fast to be able to reserve it to ones use. The chair even spins, and it has a very soft and comfortable cushion on it. The following incidents took place the other day here in my mansion.

One of the kids was chilling in the above mentioned chairs, just taking it easy. Then he had something else he needed to do somewhere, and guess who took advance of the situation?
Yes, me of course! The kid was a bit annoyed when he came back and pretended to be angry with me. As if I would understand / care.
But really, we are good friends, the kids and me. He was fine with the takeover of the chair and let me have a good nap on it.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas decoration or a cat toy?

The lady of the house hanged this interesting thingie on the wall, and I can't really make up my mind if it's a Christmas decoration (as she claims) or a cat toy.

What do you think? I would say it is a cat toy, I might have to take it down and study it more closely...

Saturday, 23 November 2013


OMC, this is a historical day for me! This is the day when I got official treats for cats for the first time!! OMC they were good!
The lady of the house had bought me TWO different kinds of treats; some dry stuff with a taste of salmon (great stuff!!) and some milky catmint bites (not that great stuff). The salmon squares were DELICIOUS! I could live with that stuff! Here you can see me enjoying the salmon treats, I almost ate the fingers of the lady of the house because I was in such a hurry to get more treats from her hand.

Friday, 22 November 2013


Hello! It's Friday, thank goodness! Here I am, checking the modest statistics of my blog and just taking it easy.  A bit blurry picture of a furry cat, ha ha ha! Have a nice weekend folks! I've heard that the staff are starting the Christmas celebrations this weekend with a small "Christmas time opening" with the family. I'm guessing it involves some treats and goodies, I hope to get my share of that too!

Thursday, 21 November 2013


I almost couldn't believe my luck today, when I saw leftover food on the table. The lady of the house turned her back for one second, and that was enough for me! 

Delicious!!! It was pork sauce with rice, and there was some very juicy bites left for me. The smallest members of the staff   sometimes leave som food on their plates, suits me sir!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I can't believe it...

...the lady of the house is STILL cleaning up upstairs. I just went there and checked. The vacuum cleaner is still on.

Just how long can a clean-up take! I'd better find a peaceful and quiet spot somewhere on the downstairs and take a nap. I hope I'll be having something more interesting to tell you soon, I'm falling asleep reading this stuff myself!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Can you see I'm sulking here? The lady of the house has been so busy today re-organizing the furniture upstairs that she hasn't had almost any time for me. She just quicly fed me, but I didn't get  any lap time from her. I think I have a good reason to mope a bit. She even had the nerve to take the vacuum cleaner upstairs and use it there many times. You can imagine I was upset. I tried to figure out what she was doing and I was running up and down the stairs following her. She just wouldn't stand still for one moment!
No wonder I'm exhausted! I think I'll take a proper nap before really going to sleep tonight, that ought to fix it. See you tomorrow!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Playing with fire

I do understand why the humans have their fireplaces for, but recently they have done something I really don't get. The lady of the house lighted many small fires on the table! What could be the reason behind that, do you know? Are they going to grill some snacks on it? Do they need to warm up their hands by those fires when they are eating? I really don't know! I was checking the fires pretty close by, but still I don't understand the sense in that. Well, there are many things the humans do that I find quite insane to tell you the truth... But if any of you have more educated guesses than I do, please share!
By the way, I was strictly supervised by the lady of the house, she wouldn't let me light myself up with those small fires!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The reason why the staff needs to get up

The main reason why I wake up my staff in the morning is this: 

I 'll get the whole bed for myself!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Just checking out the fish...

The lady of the house captured me checking out the fish the other day. Here's a video of that. I like to hang out beside the aquarium and play with the fish a bit. I'm their entertainer you know! The fishes get all exited to see me and swim around faster than normally. It's fun!
However, I would like to point out,  that allthough it looks like that I'm suddenly frightened of something, I'm really not. Really. I just, you know, remembered that I needed to do, you know, something else somewhere...

Friday, 15 November 2013


I'm here! Just checking the latest offers for...stuff. Haven't yet found anything concerning cat food, but I'm still looking.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

What's wrong in this picture?

Human, would you be able to figure out what is missing in this picture?

F-O-O-D! Leave that computer alone and feed me already!! You're behind the schedule AGAIN!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Guilty as charged

You might have noticed by now that I like to chew on different things. This habit isn't usually appreciated by my staff, but what can I do. Chewing things is a part of me, and they just need to accept the whole package. I think they still consider me having more positive than negative sides, but I have realised I need to have some kind of balance between the annoying and the sweet things.

Sometimes the evidence against me is so incriminating, that there isn't any point trying to blame the smallest members of the staff for example. Or the fish. The fish don't seem to do anything bad ever. Today I got caught on two different "incidents" that involved both chewing and hiding things.
Here's the mug shot of the first unfortunate incident. Me and the missing oven mitt. The staff had been looking for this oven mitt for a while, wondering where it could have disappeared. Today the big one found it under their bed... The oven mitt was also a bit damaged, as you might notice from the picture. Yes yes, I'm guilty, can't deny that. But it was so tempting, it had a nice smell and taste of some food, I just couldn't resist it when I saw it just lying on the table.
Here you can see a metallic part of the fireplace, I don't know what it's called. The black marks on it are caused by my teeth...I really don't have an explanation for this, other than that I was just curious. There was I, sitting on the fireplace and the metallic ball was beside me. Then I just thought I might chew on it a bit. So I did. Because I could. I couldn't blame the smallest ones here either, since they couldn't even reach this thingie. So yes, guilty again.
Aaanyhoow... I think theys still like me a lot, I already got some food and laptime. Luckily my staff is very understanding.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

This is how the magic happens

Ever wonder how my blog posts are made? I guess I have let you believe that it is me who is writing all this stuff. This is not true, it's actually the lady of the house who does the typing. You know, it's very hard to type if you happen to have paws. But we are a good team, me and the lady of the house. She writes everything exactly as I want it to be written. You know, she works as a secretary during her day job so she has experience. In the evenings she works as my secretary. I don't pay her but she gets to have me on her lap, and I think that is more valuable than any money in the world. I think she also considers this job as a calling.

Anyways, this picture shows how it usually looks like.

The lady of the house is typing as I tell her to, I'm supervising right next to her and, well, sometimes I might be biting the power cord  if I feel like it. After all, I'm a cat for goodness' sake!

Monday, 11 November 2013

The thing with the fish

I know I'm going on and on about the fishes, but somehow lately they have been more and more on my mind. Also yesterday happened something that I could call a breakthrough in my plan to get my paws on the fish. Well, it would have been a breakthrough if I hadn't, well, chickened out...
The staff was cleaning up the aquarium, which means the fishes were collected into a bucket during the clean up. I had the golden opportunity to get to them, since this is how close I was able to get:

Can you believe my luck! There I am, just a few centimeters away from the fish! But then it finally hit me, the fishes are UNDER the water. I'm a cat and I hate to be under water. I tried to put my paw into the water, but it didn't feel nice at all. I just couldn't go through with it!
I don't quite understand, everytime there is fish on my food bowl, there is no water there, only the fish. How does that happen? How do the humans take the fish out of the water? I can't understand how I didn't realise the fish were actually in the water when they were floating in the aquarium. I kind of thought that the glass of the aquarium was the main obstacle..
Oh the frustration and disappointment!! All the careful planning and waiting going to waste!! How can a cat get over this kind of letdown? Maybe I should turn my interest towards the birds instead... What's the catch with the birds? How should I prepare myself?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Happy Father's Day!

So, big one, this is your day. In our country, today we celebrate Father's Day. I think you are a good and funny father. You always make the best jokes and tell the funniest stories in this house. I know everyone don't always get your humour, but we are learning. I know I can trust that you will take care of me, allthough I call you an entertainer. I know you like me a lot, and I like you too. Especially when you give me cheese or other nice snacks from the table. So enjoy your day, because you're worth it!

Also, you're almost as hairy as I am, that's a bonus.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

O Tannenbaum...

I know it's a bit early, but I'm too excited not to be talking about it already! I mean Christmas! This will be my first Christmas, and I can't wait! I have only heard stories about it, but it all seems almost too good to be true. What I've heard is that the staff will bring and actual tree inside the house! I've heard also that they will hang all kinds of glittery balls, strings and toys on it! It must be the every cats dream!! OMC it must be like heaven... You see, I haven't even had any reasonable possibilities to climb on anything lately. The flowers around here are useless, and the beam high up hasn't interested me since, well, I fell down a bit.. Aaanyhow... here are the useless flowers:
Well, to tell you the truth, I sometimes climb on the bigger one, but as you can see it's not that sturdy... A couple of times it has almost fallen down. So, you can guess I'm excited to be climbing on this one:
Oh I can't WAIT!!! Christmas, bring it on!!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

The fish are still alive

I'm ashamed to say, that I haven't yet succeeded in catching any fish. It bugs the heck out of me! 

I wouldn't want to give up, but all I really can do right now is to watch them. It's SO frustrating! Try to imagine watching fresh food floating in front of your eyes, but not being able to eat it! Would you have any tips for me on how to proceed?

Anyhow, have a nice weekend!  

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

The lady of the house often claims that I would have some kind of a split personality. I don't know where she gets that idea?

Hello darling, how are YOU doing?

I will bite your fingers off!!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The invasion of the rats, part 2: Rats in the shoes

Sometimes I just can't believe what goes on on the mind of the lady of the house. Can you believe that today she brought home new shoes that had rats attached to them! Why in the world would anyone want shoes like that! I don't think she had even realised what kind of danger was hiding in her new shoes! As soon as she took the shoes from the box, I attacked the rat fur and started ripping them apart. The lady of the house tried to take the shoes from me, but I didn't give up that easily!

I was growling!

I pulled and pulled the shoes away from her, she even yelled the big one to help her.
It was a long and furious fight, but I have to say I had to give up. The lady of the house and the big one were too much for me. But I think I was able to damage the rats enough that they know who rules in this house. They better stick on the shoes and not make any attempt to get around the house... I'll be keeping an eye on them...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Stop, don't you dare write that kind of stuff about me! Just stop typing those stupid stories about me, you ignorant human, and start listening to your boss, or you'll get fired!

Monday, 4 November 2013


The only nice thing about wintertime and cold weather is that the staff will finally use the fireplace as it should be used. The fire is fun to watch, and the top of the fireplace will be warmed up nicely for me.

Ok, I agree, this post was quite boring. I think I'm starting to lack ideas to post! There's nothing exciting happening here! Help! Ask me something, anything!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Devil in disguise

Very funny big one...This will be the first and last time you will be touching my ears and reaching for that camera without a punishment... You have been warned...

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Guys, I got myself a Twitter account. I don't know why but I just did. I even tweeted once. I hope someone will follow me there, otherwise I'll be just meowing by myself :-)

So, you can find me as @DailyCatCarlos, come and follow me! I'll try to add a follow me on Twitter thingie on the sidebar as soon as I figure out how...

Friday, 1 November 2013


Happy Halloween and all that. I see many of you blogging cat friends are celebrating Halloween and having some creepy funny time. You can consider this pic to be my contribution, this will be my Halloween costume.

I'm McCat.
Is it Halloweenish?
You see, we don't traditionally celebrate Halloween in my country. During recent years some of that stuff has made it's way here, and nowadays the kids might dress up and go to Halloween parties. Anyhow, no-one goes trick or treating. We do that kind of stuff during easter, but not now.
So I hope you have fun also on behalf of me, I will just enjoy my basic Friday evening with my staff.