Friday, 31 January 2014

Love is in the air...

Since it's Friday night, lovely weekend ahead, I can almost feel the love in the air! Also because my staff is going to a lovely wedding during the weekend, I would like to share a true love story with you, from an animal perspective.
Remember the notorious black fish we had? The ugly one? Well, he was relocated to a friends family a couple of days ago. They already had a similar but smaller one in their aquarium, and guess what? Turns out they had a female one, and ours was a male.

And you know what fishes do then? They just go ahead and start producing babies after knowing each other only two days! So yes, there's definitely love in the air around here!
I'm actually a bit jealous of the black fish. Even if he's ugly and spiky, he has met the love of his life after a lifetime of solitude. What are the odds? Sigh. I wish there will come a day when I will meet some lovely kittie-girl...
Anyhow,have a great Friday night filled with LOOOOVE!!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Farewell, my fishy friends

Today I had to say goodbye to my fishy friends. My staff has been trying to relocate them for a while now, and now the fish have finally found a new home.

Bye bye, little fishy fishies! I will miss not been able to catch and eat you! I wish that in your new home, some lucky cat could enjoy watching you and making plans for catching you! I guess you won this time, I chickened out when trying to catch you. The water between us was too wet and scary.

This also means, that I have to figure out a new way to wake up my staff... Don't worry, I will find a way, I always do. Stay tuned to find out how...

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Carlos in panorama

How cool is this! Look, it's me in a panorama picture! The mobile phone camera of the secretary is pretty pawsome!


Monday, 27 January 2014

Stuck on you

Sometimes the lady of the house wears some very cool cat friendly trousers. 

See? Her trousers have a cat toy attached to them! Very practical! Now she can play with me at the same time as she is walking around the house doing....well...stuff. Cool!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Some time ago I was given an award again, but it had taken my secretary quite a while to do something about it! But, better late than never!

So, here goes. Thank you "Kitty Corner" for giving me this award! The wonderful blog can be read here:

What I need to do is:

  • Accept the nomination: Thank the person from whom you received the nomination and provide a link to their blog
  • List 7 things about myself
  • Nominate 15 blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award

  • Here's the 7 things about me:

    1. I have gotten bored with my scratching pole. I used to be glued into it before, now I barely touch it. I think I should get a new one.

    2. Recently I have left my mark on the wall of this house. It took me a while to find a piece of wall where my claws could make some scratches, but now it's finally done.

    3. I miss hiding under the sofa. When I was a small kitten, I used to run there and hide sometimes. Now as a more grown up kitten, I don't fit there anymore. It's a shame.

    4. I tasted cabbage a couple of days ago. I don't know why, but I just felt like tasting it. I found pieces of cabbage laying on a plate, and so I put my teeth on it. Didn't taste like much though.

    5. Me and the big one share the same taste in music. The lady of the house tries to listen some numbing bossa nova on her webradio. Whenever she's not looking, the big one turns the radio off. Now even I have learned how to do that. I just step on the power button and that irritating noise for music stops.

    6. I like variation, and I like to switch my sleeping place quite often. I have many regular options to choose from (beds, pillows and cushions on the floor, basket of socks etc.), and I vary between those almost every day.

    7. My new favourite way to wake up my staff is attacking the aquarium. Around 5-6 am is the best time for fishing I think, and then I start whapping the aquarium with my paws. The staff doesn't appreciate that, and quite often I get some water sprayed on me. That doesn't stop me though.

    There. Now I should nominate 15 bloggers for this award. This is a tricky one. I would love to give this award forward, but lately I've been a bit too busy to meet new blogs, and the ones I usually read have probably been given these and many awards many times already. As a cat, I'm not that good at obeying rules, but I'm good at making rules of my own! So, I would like to ask you to introduce me to some of your favourite blogs that I haven't met yet. You can of course introduce me to your own blog too, if you haven't seen me visiting there before! So, please feel free to name the best of the blogs on your blogroll!

    Saturday, 25 January 2014

    At the home office

    Sometimes my secretary works at home also for her day job. Not much, but sometimes. The other day she was doing that, and I decided to keep her company.

    Starting up the computer..

    I tried to give her some advice regarding her work, but I'm not sure she understood. The screen looks weird, we needed to blur it because her work can be top secret, you know!

    Well, to be honest, I couldn't care less about her work, I'm just hanging out next to her just in case I could get some random scritches from her while she is working. That usually works out well for me, how could any human resist the charm of a cute kitten right next to her!
    Have a great Caturday evening!

    Friday, 24 January 2014

    I be on my suit and tie

    Have a fabulous weekend friends! I'll be wearing this fabulous tie tonight. Actually this tie has been given to one of the kids by a class mate, who had made it herself. Quite nice!

    Thursday, 23 January 2014

    Accidents happen...

    Today me and Carlos the 2nd were playing around a bit, and we were having a brotherly wrestling competition.

     I thought we were having a lot of fun, but suddenly something quite unexpected happened.

    I think that for some reason (hard to say exactly why...ehm...), suddenly the brain of Carlos the 2nd just popped out! OMC! I don't think we were playing too hard, at least he wasn't complaining at all! I'm so sorry Carlos the 2nd, I really didn't mean to do that! I'm still a kitten and I can't always estimate the power of my claws!
    Luckily the secretary said that she could fix Carlos the 2nd, good thing she seems to have the skills of a brain surgeon!

    Tuesday, 21 January 2014

    Never mind me

    I guess the lady of the house took my advice literally and gave me some space today. I haven't seen much of her, or any of the other staff to be exact. The smallest one went to a friend of his, and the lady went ice skating with the other kid. The big one just hovered around, transported the kid back and forth, and then pushed piles of snow around the garden (I don't really understand what's the point with that stuff? Why can't the snow just lay around on the yard, why it needs to be pushed around?)
    So never mind me, I'll just be here in the closet, minding my own business.I hope they'll get home by the time for my dinner!

    Monday, 20 January 2014

    Let's call it a night!

    What? It isn't bedtime yet? 

    I followed the kids and my secretary upstairs this evening, and I kind of thought it was bedtime already. This is where I usually start my night time rest, at the foot end of the bed that belongs to the smallest kid. But apparantly it wasn't time to sleep yet, since they were just playing with the PS3. Well, I thought I'd take a nap just in case.
    Until very annoyingly the secretary came to lay beside me, and she seemed to be longing for some kitty cuddles and giving scritches to me. Well, nice thought, but right then and there I would have appreciated some privacy and a quiet nap, not her talking to me with her silly voice and scritching me! She would have had the whole day to do that (but no, she had to be at "work"), but at that very moment I chose not to be cuddled at all. So I had to walk away. It was a shame though, all those cuddles going to waste, but I'm still an independent kitten and I need to be able to decide when I want cuddles and when not. Humans really should respect that. She'll get her change another time!

    Sunday, 19 January 2014

    Saturday sauna

    Yesterday it was Saturday, and here in my country, there's almost officially a "Saturday sauna" every week. This time I went to the sauna when it was warming up, since it's pretty cold outside (around - 23 celsius), so it's good to find a warm place.

    I don't know what the temperature was then in the sauna, but surely something like + 60 - 70 celsius. Soon after this picture was taken, the big one and one of the kids came (naked, how uncivilized) in, and started throwing water on the stove. Then I thought it was time for me to get out, I don't like the water throwing business at all. But as long as it lasted, it was very nice and warm just laying there.
    But now the weekend is almost over. Let's see what I will come up with next week, see you!

    Saturday, 18 January 2014

    The black flash strikes again!

    We're fine again, the lady of the house and me. She made up for her mistakes, since today she brought some good stuff from the pet store. Not any market stuff, no. Really good stuff! I got a new toy and new snacks from her. The toy was super cool; stuffed fish with feathers and catnip inside! I just LOVED it! 

    Feathers and catnip, yes!!!!

    And it got me moving! The black flash you see in the picture above is me!

    And here's another one! A cat and a human kid merged into one! A human kid with a cat as his head!
    The last time I was this excited over a toy was last October, when the lady of the house made me a feather toy. If you like, you can read more about it here!
    Anyhow, all is fine around our house again! Have a nice caturday evening!

    Friday, 17 January 2014


    Hello. I know it's Friday and all, but I'm feeling slightly depressed. You know I told you that my secretary was away the whole day yesterday. I was stuck with the entertainers. I did survive, all went well. But you know what? She didn't bring me anything from her trip! She. did. not. bring. me. anything. When she arrived home late in the evening, I was welcoming her the best way I could. I had missed her so! I purred and purred, headbutted her feet, followed after her with a 10 centimeters distance when she hovered around the house before going to bed. Still, nothing!! She brought little something for the kids, but not for me! I feel so neglected! I feel invisible! How could she have forgotten ME!
    I have to reflect this disappointment for a while now. But as you know I'm a cat, so I always land on my feet. I can see my secretary is also regretting her unbelievable mistake, so I'm sensing some treats coming up this weekend... Have a good weekend friends!

    Thursday, 16 January 2014

    A happy reunion

    The other day I was finally reunited with my pal, Carlos the 2nd. He had gone missing for a while, and since he's a stuffie, he can't really express himself so that we could hear where he is. It turned out that he had been "hiding" under a pile of clothes that were... well... just layin on a bedroom chair.

    I'm so happy to see him again, who knows what fun stuff we are going to come up with together!

    Wednesday, 15 January 2014

    Observing fire

    Fire is an interesting thing. I sometimes just sit and watch the flames of the fire place.

    I don't quite understand it, but I'm glad that the fire exists. It warms us up and it is nice to watch.
    I also got some disturbing news today. My secretary claims she will be traveling to Helsinki (Finlands capital city you know) tomorrow, and I will have to spend the whole day with the rest of my staff, the entertainers! I'm a bit worried... I really hope they don't mess up with  my feeding schedule, because that would be really bad...I don't understand what is so important that she needs to travel there and stay away the whole day. It's really beyond my understanding. BUT, she can be sure that this misjudgement won't pass unpunished! When she comes home tomorrow, late in the evening, I will have taken my evening nap, and I will wake up and be ready for PLAYTIME in the middle of the night!

    Tuesday, 14 January 2014

    Finally a box for me!

    I've been dreaming of a box since boxing day. I never knew the actual meaning of the boxing day before I was enlightened by many fellow feline bloggers! Well, a kitten doesn't have the knowledge of everything automatically, I'm still learning stuff. So, after the boxing day I have been telling my staff to get me a decent box ASAP. Nothing has happened until now! The lady of the house showed me this box and said it was all mine!
    But what a disappointment! A box so small that even a sleek and slim kitten couldn't fit into that! What a letdown I say!

    I really tried to get inside of the box, but it was just too small. I require a decent and big enough box for me ASAP! Do I need to draw it to my staff before they get it?

    Monday, 13 January 2014

    Snoopervising homework

    The secretary was so busy today, that she asked me to supervise the kid while he was doing his homework for school. Well, to be honest she didn't exactly ASK me to do that, but I did it anyway.

    I gave him a few pointers for math, I think he really appreciated my expertise.
    And now my brain hurts, I guess I have to take a nap after all this hard thinking work.
    Have a nice beginning of a new week! We have finally winter temperatures here, it is - 19 celsius outside at the moment. Oh joy...

    Sunday, 12 January 2014

    Feeling left out

    The other day I suddenly got a feeling that I need to get into the bathroom. There was no-one in there, but still I felt I wanted to get in.
    I tried to make my wish very clear to my staff...

    ...but nothing was happening.

    Still nothing.

    Even scratching the door didn't help. Communicating with humans can be difficult at times. I wasn't let in this time. Annoying.

    Well, I just had to wait for someone to take a shower, then I'd get my change....