Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

We have celebrated the Morher's Day today, and the Mom in this house has been pampered in many ways. First she got a tasty cake from the boys in this house, and obviously very nice presents and cards. Then a bit later, I let her have a nap with me on the sofa. 

The picture of today doesn't really have anything to with anything, except that I have a bit embarrassing thing to confess to you... The big one made some delicious white fish in the oven for lunch, and I was offered a generous amount of it  too. Well, I didn't feel like having real-live-fresh-dead-fish today, but I chose to eat my dry kibble and white fish prepared by Whiskas instead. Go figure.

I hope all of you Mother's for furry or not so furry kids have had a great day!


  1. A cat is entitled to be finicky on any day he chooses :)
    We bet the snuggles with you were the best part of your mom's day.
    Happy Mother to furbabies Day to your human "mom"!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Happy Meowmmy's Day! Naturally, YOUR gift was the best one.

  3. Carlos, we hope your human had a great Mother's Day!

  4. dood....happee bee lated momz day two yur mom, N nothin wrong with knot wantin reel lived fresh deaded
    whitefish.......blame it on yur dad...him prob a blee cooked de hole fish de total lee wrong time
    ewe will hafta watch him N see wear he messes up !!!!!! ☺