Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Mother Nature, we don't get you...

This spring has surely been interesting. The weather is colder than usual, and just as we were finally promised some warmer weather, we get some snow and strong winds. Sigh.

As usual, Facebook and the internet is filled with funny pictures about the strange weather situation we are dealing with, trying to cheer us up. I just have to share a couple of them here...

Translation for the second pic; Here's a ready cut out for seasons greetings for various Finnish holidays:
- Peaceful Christmas!
- Happy Easter!
- Cheerful First of May!
- Sunny Midsummer!
It really seems like this now...

And,  here's a weather forecast, that still a couple of days ago promised sunshine and + 10 / + 15 degrees celsius.

This is me, observing the situation that reminds us an awful lot of good old white Christmas.

Mother Nature, we are not amused...


  1. Replies
    1. Nope, we are almost losing hope for spring and summer...

  2. dood.....fotoz two iz funnee tho......we haz crazed weatherz heer
    az well; SUN day ther bee frost on de groundz......two day it iz
    85......what de ??? sorree bout de snowz buddy ~~~ ♥♥

    1. Yeah, the weather is really mixed up big time!

  3. Sometimes our weather people play tricks on us too.
    Last Saturday night we had some light snow.Thankfully it changed to rain.
    While our snow is gone, it is not as warm as we would like.
    Good thing you are indoors Carlos!

    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    1. I hope you get warm weather soon! Yes, it's nice to stay indoors and not get cold...

  4. Very nice new header with handsome you :)

    1. Thanks! I think it's a nice change for a long while!

  5. Noooooooo! That's so unfair of Mother Nature.