Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Vamos olhar para o futebol!

Yesterday night I was watching the World Championship Football game from Brazil with the big one. The game was between Brazil and Camerun. I must say the big one was more exited than I was, but I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the quality lap time.
Say whaat? The big one told me that there has been a great brazilian football player named after me, Roberto Carlos. Apparently he has had a great left kick in his time. Cool, it's nice to know my name has been given to some great athletes. The big one kept on telling me about other good players, like Zico. In this game we were watching Neymar did very well. 

I tried my best to look interested, but I have to say I accidently fell asleep during his lecture. Well, I'm a cat, that can happen.
But it was nice while it lasted!


  1. I know, the humans talk and my eyes get heavy. We need our beauty sleep after all.

  2. You had a footballer named after you? NICE!


  3. dood...itz oh kay....everee time de food gurl heer starts all de blah blah blah blah stuff...N thatz eggs act lee what her sounds like two.....we fall asleep, walk outta de room, or pre tend ta bee asleep...with one eye open !!! ♥ way awesum tho that de athlete haz yur name !!! ♥

  4. Querido Carlos foi um grande jogo a cada gol do brasil podia se ouvir os gritos de alegria dos vizinhos, com certeza você não conseguiria cair no sono hehehe. Espero que mais atletas recebam o seu nome, acho que daria sorte hehehe.

  5. I hear that a lot of the best human athletes are named after kitties! Rock stars too.

  6. Your bean is appawently better mannered than ours. When she watches football she yells...a LOT! No napping around her, MOL.

    In our house, there is a gymnast named for Sasha, a hockey player has the same name as Saku, and Sami...well, she's Sami 'cuz the beans didn't want to name her Bob!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku