Monday, 30 June 2014

The mystery of the sheet

Today the secretary noticed something very strange inside the sheet that was hanging on the laundry drying rack. It kind of looked like the sheet would be like... alive or something.
She was brave enough to get a little closer to the mysterious sheet... There was definitely something odd going on.

Then the crazy woman tried to poke the blob on the sheet with her foot. You would think she'd known better already...

Exactly! The mysterious sheet swallowed up a part of her foot! Nearly all her toes were GONE!!

OMC this is too crazy frightening stuff!! Now the sheet has almost all of her foot!!

What can she do??? Can she get her foot back??? 
Well... yeah, of course she can... It was only  me... I guess I have developed a thing for white hanging fabrics lately...

But all the alleged scratches on her foot are totally and only her own fault. I didn't ask her to put her foot in the middle of my wrestling game with the sheet! Humans should never interfere with the cats play.

By the way, thank you guys for opening my innocent kitty eyes for the true purpose of the travel box!! I was reading your comments on the previous post, and I have to say that I have had NO clue this thing could be used in such horrible purposes!! To me, it has been always used to transport me with my staff to the paradise, to lake side or to the island. In fact, I could have called it a paradise box! But no more friends, no more. I guess I can't be this lucky for the rest of my life, the day will come sooner or later when they put me in it and lead me on to think we're going to the cottage, but instead they will take me to the vet. OMC, I get chills just thinking about it! I have to be more careful.. No more casual naps inside the travel box, just in case.


  1. dood...yur mom wooda total lee freeked out if her sticked her foot under de sheet...N it waz gettin like a tacked...then ewe came outta de other room N yelled .... ...TA DA ....

    :) ♥

    N yea sum times de travel box iz used for eevil purposes....kinda like if sooperman wuz ta haza bad day.....

  2. For a moment there, I really did think there was a foot-eating sheet at your house!

  3. Any scratches are totally her fault!!

  4. Silly bean got what was coming to her! That's what I do too, MOL


    Our mom bean feels sorry for your secretary. Mom bean is sporting a scratch on her hand from Saku who leapt from her arms when he was startled.

    Sasha and Sami

  5. OMC! We thought your human's foot was a goner.