Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Moody humans

Hello Tuesday! Thank you for your good wishes yesterday, they do cheer us up! Well, I am always up and cheery, but it's the humans who sometimes get all moody and gloomy because of no apparent reason. And then they expect us cats to just deal with it! Well, I just had to remind my secretary how fortunate she is being a cat owner and everything, so I think she's getting pass the stupid Monday karma. 

Today I was even able to get some proper cuddles and laptime from her, so there's no harm with me. Except that she tried to snap some pictures in the middle of my laptime, which I think was very tacky and unthoughtful. I had to put a firm paw down on the mobile camera, there really is a limit to a cat's patience somewhere...

P.s. I was offered some salmon later on, but I refused to eat it. I do have my principles you know!


  1. No! You did not really refuse the salmon did you? Refuse other stuff dude not the really good stuff.


  2. dood...we dunno bout that....

    9) nap time wake up for a breef foto shoot = salmon


    4) nap time leeve de kitteh a lone = noe food

    sorree buddy...we gotta go with number 9 !! ☺

  3. Thank heavens you got cuddles and lovins from your secretary!
    Glad you put a smackdown on the phone camera ;) heehee
    Maybe the salmon was good...try it later ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ