Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Great Escape

Thanks for the info on the paint thing, I think it was best I didn't touch the stuff. Although it sounded fun at first, I guess the bathing and humans yelling at me wouldn't be fun at all.

Anyhow, I have some big news to you. I spent 2,5 hours outdoors BY MYSELF yesterday! Yes, you read right, I just went out and stayed there a good while. It was kind of an accident, but it did happen.

The humans had some furniture delivered to our house in the afternoon, and when the delivery guys were carrying the stuff inside the house, I saw my change and sneaked outside! The beauty of this is, that the humans didn't notice at all!! Oh the freedom! It too whole 2,5 hours for them to notice that I had been awfully quiet and they couldn't find me anywhere. They called me inside the house, and they know that I do come eventually when they call me. But this time I didn't. 

The big one realized that it had to be the time when the delivery guys were here, when I was able to go out. The secretary had thought that she had an eye on the doorway the whole time, but apparently she didn't. She went outside on the terrace and called me. Nothing happened. Everyone else were getting worried that they had seen the last of me. 

One of the kids went outside to go and look for me. Suddenly the humans heard me meowing, as I came to the terrace, and ran inside when the door was opened. 

OMC they were happy I had returned! The secretary said that she had believed I would return, since she knows how comfortable indoor cat I am, and the weather outside isn't actually kitty friendly right now... She has also had some cats before me who have been let out, and she knew that they usually do come back to eat and rest. 

Oh well, it surely was an adventure! If only it had been summer, I might have stayed a bit longer. But I'm happy to be back home now!!


  1. I'm glad you came home semi-promptly, Carlos! You are right, this isn't the time of year to be staying outside for long.

  2. We are also glad you came back soon as it can be scary alone outdoors!
    We would not want anything to happen to you as we would miss you.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. dood....glad ya ree terned else will ya blog !!!

    we iz knot a loud out doorz.. coz oh... coyoteez, high wayz N traffix...

    we get ta go in de garage, but itz knot like de same thing.....

  4. Well, that was quite the adventure, Carlos. But we're glad you finally came home. You want to miss dinner, would you?

  5. OMC Carlos, you is furry brave to stay outdoors for that long. We would have been yowling up a storm at the door long before that. We is glad you made it home safely! Bet you got extra lubs from the beans!!