Friday, 17 April 2015


Sweet Friday and weekend ahead! Also quite exciting in many ways. Well, the humans have some stuff going on but I'm just keeping on being a cat as usual. 

By the way, yesterday I wasn't getting into trouble de facto, I was merely just resting my paws on the branch of that plant while watching out of the window. The secretary didn't appreciate that though. Also, the black thingie behind me is a speaker, not a scratching post. But I wasn't touching that, at all. Really.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Humans are very particular about where we kitties set our paws, aren't they?

  2. We hope you have a great weekend, Carlos.

  3. dood....we new ewe wuz knot gettin in trubull even bee fore de staff thinked ya wuz gettin
    in trubull & sinze ewe what trubull wuz in yur houz, well, de catz winned thiz contest, 4 ta three
    ....inn deed ♥♥♥