Saturday, 1 August 2015

Well... mom kindly reminded me with a picture proof why they didn't need me supervising their floor painting project...

So I guess she had a valid reason for leaving me home. Anyways, there was no  problems at all, and the party was great! Thank you da tabbies for coming over, you rock! I have my staff back home with me now so the service level is back to normal again. Have a great Caturday!


  1. I think your little paw print is adorable and I am sure they do too. I bet they just don't want you to get poisoned from that stuff.

  2. Sometimes it IS fun to take a break from supervising! ;-)

  3. hey! An artist has to pawtograph his work, right?

  4. Carlos, can you believe that mom laughed at that pic?
    Well, that stuff is kinds stinky and messy,
    so it was probably good to stay home with da tabbies ;) heehee
    Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. dood...any time...we hada blast & mums de werd.... bout de inn ci dent with de ***************....yur sekrtiz all wayz safe with uz
    & yur mom will never noe..... what troo lee happeend two her *********** ♥♥♥