Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I can't believe it...

...the lady of the house is STILL cleaning up upstairs. I just went there and checked. The vacuum cleaner is still on.

Just how long can a clean-up take! I'd better find a peaceful and quiet spot somewhere on the downstairs and take a nap. I hope I'll be having something more interesting to tell you soon, I'm falling asleep reading this stuff myself!


  1. dood !! if de vaccumm masheen wuz still on heer we wood be findin de main switch box two appliances; switchin em ta off; choppin de cord off de masheen, puttin it in de trash bin for de trash doodz ta haul a way N never lookin bak...we hates de vaccuum masheen as much as we werks !!! haza wild white fish wednesday :)

  2. I think I need to do that, otherwise the situation will be untolerable! I heard the lady of the house saying to the big one that he should vacuum the downstairs tomorrow! Not if it depends on me!!

  3. Sheesh. We hope she puts the rug sucking monster away soon.