Saturday, 16 November 2013

Just checking out the fish...

The lady of the house captured me checking out the fish the other day. Here's a video of that. I like to hang out beside the aquarium and play with the fish a bit. I'm their entertainer you know! The fishes get all exited to see me and swim around faster than normally. It's fun!
However, I would like to point out,  that allthough it looks like that I'm suddenly frightened of something, I'm really not. Really. I just, you know, remembered that I needed to do, you know, something else somewhere...


  1. Remembered you needed to do something somewhere else, huh?
    Something in a pretty BIG hurry!
    ; ) Katie

    1. Yes, it was very important... thing... somewhere..

  2. Wow, you did need to be somewhere else. Did you hear a can of food open??

  3. dood...we love yur mewvie...let uz noe when it comes out on dee vee N dee...we gived it 945 paws up for actshun & suspenze !!! grate film :)

  4. Thanks, I will! I'm starting to think the Oscars wouldn't be that far-fetched idea...

  5. You're too funny, Carlos. So you remembered that you have something else to do... Okay, i believe you.