Thursday, 21 November 2013


I almost couldn't believe my luck today, when I saw leftover food on the table. The lady of the house turned her back for one second, and that was enough for me! 

Delicious!!! It was pork sauce with rice, and there was some very juicy bites left for me. The smallest members of the staff   sometimes leave som food on their plates, suits me sir!!


  1. Hahaha você é muito rápido Carlos!

  2. yur talkin...nothin better N left over food less itz sum one servin ya food ...N pork !!! ewe betcha....long az itz knot BURD :) enjoy N hope de wee ones leeve sum mor layin round....and heerz two a grate wek oh end az well...we bee off line fora couple oh dayz...see ya monday for de pork ree port !!!

    1. Thanks! The kids are good at giving me some food from the table sometimes, allthough it's not allowed :-) Anyhow, I must say that I could eat birds too, as long I don't need to prepare it myself!