Saturday, 30 November 2013

I'm waiting....

You might think that you have seen this picture before, but you haven't. You have seen a similar picture before, but not this particular one.


This picture shows what I do every time one of my staff members goes near the fridge. I notice when they do that, and just in case I will take my position beside my food bowl. This way I want to make sure that if the staff member would give me food, I would get to eat it immediately.  Quite often it doesn't happen though. You would think that everytime they open the fridge to get themselves something to eat, they would remember they have a cat to feed too, but they don't!  I think it's quite unfair, that they are able to take food for themselves whenever they want, but I will get food only at certain times of the day. Hmph.


  1. 'rents are like that, aren't they? But it's good to be prepared, just in case they suddenly realize you might be a little hungry and need a snack, too!

    1. Yes, there is a lot to tolerate with them. But I'm always prepared!

  2. dood...ewe knead a saw anda hammer...hammer will take de hinges off de fridge door...saw will allow ewe ta saw thru it ta get snax N stuff outta de tray at de bottom; thatz most lee wear de good stuff is kept any way...stay a way frum de bin labeled veggeez.....mite az well eat sum sand... ya noe....

  3. I was trying to look for a saw and a hammer, but can you believe that my staff have misplaced them! They don't even know themselves were the hammer is! How can you lose a hammer!! I don't understand...