Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I've HAD it with you...you...stupid rat!!

Time to time I need to fight with the vicious rat to straight things out who is the boss in this house! Sometimes even my staff throws the rat at me, and then I of course need to defend myself. 

It's actually good to practise my fighting skills here indoors, so I will be fit and ready in the summer when I get to go to my paradise and maybe face some real mouses... 


  1. Your human THROWS the rat at you, Carlos!? What choice do you have then but to kill it?

  2. dood...ewe got that rite coz once ya get ta yur summer time isle land...de place could bee filled with ratz who bee on vacationz ther frum over de winter....we can just a bout bet yur staff wont step up N help ewe fite de ratz sew itza good thing yur
    gettin in sum practiss time...♥

  3. We're sure you won the fight with the vicious rat!

  4. You show him who is the boss Carlos!

  5. You tell him! You tell that dirty rotten rat that YOU'RE the boss 'cause YOU'RE A CAT and that is that, for sure.