Friday, 2 May 2014

Off duty

My secretary has been off my duty today the whole day. She's installed herself in the kitchen to bake stuff. There will be some birthday celebrations going on all weekend, since one of the kids is getting older. I've heard that the house will be filled with kids and adults, so I guess I better find some good hide outs...

I'd better start preparing myself already... So long!


  1. I am so fortunate that the humans here don't have parties! It is mostly because my human's boyfriend doesn't like them. I guess that is one thing to be grateful about for having him around.

  2. dood....if ther will bee a houz fulla small staff sized peepulz...yez, ewe will kneed a place ta hide...
    ewe iz welcome ta chillax in TT for de week oh end....hope de partee iz a good one; may bee they
    will save ewe sum cake or bring kewl toys like de marble one then EWE can play with it....enjoy yur
    ....sunday !!! heerz two a wild whitefish week oh end ♥

  3. We'd be hiding too...Unless YOU get kitty treats as part of this celebration?

  4. We usually go under the bed when the humans have parties.

  5. hope you had a great birthday celebration!