Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Reaching out

The weather looked very nice and sunny today, and I would have loved to go out. But, no such luck... I even tried to scratch the window but my claws could't make a single mark on it. Glass is pretty interesting material, have you tried to scratch it sometimes? It's funny that you can see through it and it can be very fragile, yet it's mightier than a claw of a cat. I'm getting all philosophical here!


  1. Carlos, you remind me of my angel Annie, who would scratch at the patio door like that, to get out. :-)

    You need a catio (cat patio/enclosure) so you can come and go at whim, safely.

  2. I just wish MY human was better at keeping our windows clean so we had a better view!

  3. Você deveria miar muito alto e por um longo tempo até que seus humanos abrissem a porta, algumas vezes isso funciona muito bem conosco.

  4. dood...ewe wanna talk phil o sophee....oh kay !!!!

    well......uh... we thought we HAD sumthin then it like slipped thru R mindz....

    kinda like de grainz oh sand at de beech....they wash a shore... but due they stay and bee come....de beech....ore float back out with de tide.... two bee come de ocean floor.....sorree we couldna play along.....

    hay...enjoy yur all most wednesday !! ♥

  5. It looks very nice and sunny there! We are having lots of thunderstorms here right now but we do need the rain.

  6. We have given up trying to get out the windows.
    Like Sparkle, we just want them to be clean ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. I haven't had much luck with glass either, Carlos. ~Ernie

  8. I scratch the windows ALL of the time, but to no avail. Love, Cody