Thursday, 29 May 2014

The hunter

Same place again today, but now I'm as far away from a nap as a cat can be! I'm hunting!

I even had to whap the blinds in the process, which wasn't appreciated at all by the secretary... But hey, I'm a hunter, what can I do if some stupid blinds get in the way between me and my prey! 

Well, as it turned out there was also the window glass between me and the fly I was chasing, so I was left empty pawed this time. BUT you better watch out you stupid fly, as soon as I get my leash and harness on, there's no stopping me! You can fly but you can't hide from me...


  1. That fly had better watch its back!

  2. dood....ewe got that rite.... & next time yur outside...set out a few dayz old ham samich...itz noe good any way...N de fly will ree tern N bring hiz hole familee with him like heez ata ree union !!! now yur talkin snax fest !

  3. Você está com toda razão Carlos, um caçador não pode ficar pensando em cortinas afinal uma caça é muito mais importante!

  4. That darned glass stuff, it's always getting in the way! We hopes you gets outside soon 'cuz that bug won't stand a chance, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Aw,'ll get him next time, Carlos!