Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Daily Cat review: Apple vs Samsung

I've been watching for a while now the "playful" argumenting between the lady of the house and the big one (you can read more about my staff here ) about which is a better smartphone, her Apple Iphone or his Samsung. My god it's getting boring! She is a true Apple fanatic, whereas he thinks his Samsung is the only possible choice. I was getting really tired of the conversations, so I thought I should bring in my opinion on the table.

There. I think the Apple charger cable tastes much better than the boring Samsung. The Apple version had a nice white chewy texture, and it didn't give in too easily. I had to work on it on a couple of different spots, until I reached the metal inside. The Samsung cable? I wouldn't touch that stuff even with a stick. So, I have to agree with the lady of the house, Apple is the best choice.

So big one, there you have it, the lady of the house rules. But I guess you knew it already...


  1. Good morning, Carlos. You really did win that round, didn't you! Are you in the proverbial doghouse?

  2. Good morning to you and good evening to me! I slipped the doghouse, the lady of the house is very gracious. Thank good for that...

  3. Hi Carlos! Nice to meet you! I am trying to follow your blog but I don't see the "follow by email" option. Would you please consider adding it? Thanks! Also, have you joined ? If not, you should! lots of furiends there!

    1. Roger that! Now there should be a "follow by email" option, I hope it works. I'll check the blogpaw out, thanks for the hint!

  4. the apple charger looks better with your complexion...

  5. I agree. Apple is definitely better.

  6. From what we've seen, the Apple cables are much flimsier and prone to break, and hence, more chewable.