Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stuff I have been eating lately

I guess someone would consider this post to be somewhat embarrassing for me, but I'm not ashamed of (almost) anything that I have done, I think it just gives me more experience on different things, good or bad.
Today I thought to share some maybe quite unexpected culinary experiences I have had lately. I still have the curious little kitten inside of me, who likes to taste and chew on different things. The lady of the house claims that it is usually the dogs that chew on everything, but I don't see why cats couldn't do that too??? Also, the smalles members of the staff have a habit of leaving all kinds of interesting things on the floor or on the tables, and I just happen to find these things, and then I very often just have to eat/taste/bite them. It's really as simple as that.
So here comes the stuff. Some of the pictures might upset the most sensitive viewers, so you have been warned...
A TrashBag. Not this particular individual, but you get the idea. A nice small, chewy, rubber thingie the smallest ones collected at some point. Very nice to chew on, doesn't taste like much though. Didn't cause any harm to my digestion, all in all quite an interesting experience.
An earplug. I found this one on the floor, and was immediately interested. Same kind of chewy rubber thing as the previous one. The lady of the house didn't appreciate this deed either... She found this half-eaten earplug with some black fur attached on it, and she knew right away what had happened...
A hair elastic. The smallest ones were playing with this yesterday, but when they were done with it, it was my turn. This one was a bit more challenging, but I was able to brake it into pieces. Or two pieces to be exact, this is what was left of it. In this case I have to admit that it probably wasn't any of my smartest ideas to swallow the 2/3 of the elastic... As you might guess, the piece didn't quite pass my digestion. So I might have vomited the damned thingie on the wee hours of the morning... The good thing is, that the lady of the house learned that I have a different kind of meowing for an upcoming vomit! She had even time to guide me to a better place from the white hairy carpet to do my thing. So, not much harm done.
Now you might think that I would have learned something from all this, that I wouldn't touch any suspicious stuff anymore? But no, I can't promise you that. I'm still as curious as before, and as long as there are interesting things on my path, I'm sure I will have to taste them!


  1. Carlos, you really shouldn't eat stuff like that. It can really cause you big problems. We're glad to hear you haven't had any yet.

  2. Carlos, that really is a bit of a silly thing to do, but we know what you mean. Charlie here has a thing about eating bees, and bees sting.

  3. Oh yeah... that I'm gonna hack up some fur I swallowed sound... my peeps know it well.


  4. Yes, I kind of know that...but I think I'm still in denial. The lady of the house has learned her lesson too, and she is always removing the small stuff from the floor, so it's really difficult to find anything of interest anymore. I guess it is for my own best though...

  5. Forget dog; you have some goat in you! I don't eat stuff. Once I tried to eat part of my foam rocket and I projectile bomited it up. It wasn't fun.

  6. Goat, OMC! So you claim I should start learning from my mistakes? That's going to be difficult, but I will try...

  7. dood...ever think oh samplin say...toona, trout, flounder, mackerull, donuts, ham samiches, butter, pork chopz, salmon, perch, ....we gotta long list for this one buddy....promize its WAAAAAAAAY better N plastik !!

  8. I know, but those things are just so hard to find around here, there's never any pieces of fish just laying on the floor! Allthough, my favourite snack is cheese, the big one usually leaves some crumbles here and there and I get to eat them.

  9. you are like me, my Mom has to watch me like a hawk! Love, Cody