Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Evil PicMonkey

I have to warn you fellow cats, that never let your staff get introduced with a photo editing tool called PicMonkey. Just don't allow that to happen. The lady of the house has unfortunately found it,  and she edits all kinds of stupid and false pictures of me. See:

Look what she has done! This picture has nothing to do with reality. First of all, there aren't spiders hanging from our ceiling, and my eyes aren't red. Also, if there were spiders like that, I most certainly wouldn't be scared of them. Never. This picture is manipulated, it gives a totally twisted picture of me.

So never let your staff play with that evil program, it won't end well I'll tell you... It won't end well...


  1. Be thankful she's just using PicMonkey and isn't doing something really terrible, like trying to dress you up. Er, unless she does that? In which case, we feel for you, buddy!

    Nicki & Derry

    1. Oh my, now you scared me... So far she hasn't tried anything like that. I wish to keep things that way... Maybe PicMonkey isn't that bad afterall...

  2. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for coming by our blog! We always like meeting new furriends!!!

    Our bean isn't the brightest treat in the bag so we don'ts worry about her learning how to use 'puter stuff. She does okay with tippy tapping so we lets her, MOL

    Come on by our place on Thursday and we'll share how we gots our names. See you soon!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

    1. It was nice to meet you too! There seems to be a whole new feline world opening to cats like me now, which is nice. It's sometims quite lonely beeing the only superior creature in the house. I'll sure come by on Thursday!