Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Closing doors

I have been sensing some increasing distrust between me and my staff. I mean that the distrust is aimed towards me. I feel that they are trying to limit my living space at times. When they leave every morning during the weekdays, they close some doors so that I can't access all of the rooms in my mansion! I'm a bit upset, I think they are simply overacting. They close the doors to every bedroom, which is annoying since the beds are really nice and comfy to sleep in. I guess they do that because I might have been peeing again somewhere I guess I shouldn't have.... I admit, some time ago I felt I had to pee in a closet they had repeatedly left open. The lady of the house was quite upset. She even had to throw away a couple of bags that had been hit. I was sorry about that, I didn't mean that to happen. Really. So now they are being a bit overcatious in my opinion, and won't leave me unattended to their bedrooms.

I guess I have to reflect my own behaviour a bit, I guess I should have seen this coming... Damn it!

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