Thursday, 24 October 2013

#ootd #selfie #MOL

I thought I should do like all the proper fashionista bloggers do, post an outfit of the day and a selfie picture of myself. So here goes.

Today I'm wearing (well, like always..) my silky smooth black cat fur outfit, which is mostly black but has some  nice white details to give the overall impression some nice variation. I've been told that I have inherited this colouring from my father, since my mother looks totally different. This selfie picture has been taken in my mansion, in the living room to be exact. I'm standing on the sofa arm here, trying to have a look outside but the thoughtless staff hasn't yet opened the blinds.

So, I guess that was it. The "outfit of the day" should probably be "outfit of all my days" in this case though...


  1. We think you look great...and you've got one really long tail!

  2. MOL... I think you may be the next big thing for fashion blogging!

    1. You think so? You just might be right...

  3. Replies
    1. I know! It's just like it was custom-made for me! Well...I guess it actually is...

  4. you know what they say, one should ALWAYS have their "little black dress" or in your case, a "little black suit" Love, Caren and Cody