Thursday, 27 March 2014

Good evening!

It's Thursday, which means that it's almost WEEKEND! 

The reason why I look so suspicious in these pictures is that the secretary is trying to take a close up picture of me with her mobile. I don't like that. Whenever she puts her mobile close to me I start to whap and attack it. She should have learned by now but she hasn't.

Oh well, have a good Thursday evening!


  1. Our human sometimes sticks her camera about a centimeter from our faces, trying for macro shots. Ugh. We sympathize with you!

  2. Pipsun ja Miirun Pirjo27 March 2014 at 21:58

    But dear Carlos, you're such a good looking young cat, handsome and stylish <3! We need some fan pictures, you know, your secretary is just trying to serve us.

  3. dood...we heer ya...well knot REEEELY heer ya.... coz ewe wood have ta bee screemin..... but we noe what ya meen bout de camera in de face deel....

    we due knot blame ewe for attackin de fone......frank le we haz tried with noe success ta brake de one heer in R houz...knock it off de counter, toss it ta de floor...we even tried puttin it in de toy let close...but we getted caught :)

    enjoy yur nite az well ~~~~~~~

  4. When my human first got her iPhone, I didn't realize she was using it to take photos. But once I figured that out, I started looking away every time she pointed it at me.

  5. We lubs your pictures! Your mom is way smarter than ours...she sometimes turns finds her camera on her phone is on and has no idea how it happened...or how to turn it off. Good thing the bean brofur and bean sisfur can figure this stuff out. MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. That's understandable Carlos. I don't like closeups either!

  7. We don't like the camera in our faces either, Carlos!