Friday, 21 March 2014

I want out!

I tried to make my wish to go out pretty clear today.

Picking up my leash...

...and meowing at the door.

But they didn't do anything about it. Hmph. The secretary only claimed the weather was too bad for me to wet my paws. As if I would be made of sugar! Come on, put on your wellingtons and let's go!


  1. I think your human should have taken you out anyway, and let you decided if you wanted to be there or not!

  2. Yeah! You're a big tough mancat, what's a little rain? We suspect sissypants servants.

  3. We hope you got to go out, Carlos.

  4. dood...yea...what a bunch oh panzeez.....they due knot see ewe askin for wellingtons due they
    ..... but ewe R reddy ta go outside.....take a spin in de car ta de pet store......brake a few traffic