Saturday, 1 March 2014

So what was the point

I still don't quite understand what was so special with the place my staff went for their skiing holiday, and LEFT ME behind. Allthough I had a very good time at my own holiday resort, I have been moping at my staff a couple of days now. The staff said that the place they went had loads of snow. 

So what, haven't they seen snow before?
Plus, there was this skiing resort and the hill, Ruka.

Looks pretty modest to me, I don't really get the fascination in it.
Oh well, at least they are back now, and I think I am all moped out by now. I have been given a lot of snacks and nip by the staff who obviously have felt really guilty. But now I have settled back to my old routines, and everything is fine. Also, one would think that as my secretary was on holiday from her day job, she would have had time to concentrate on my blog, but no. I don't know what she has been doing, but she certainly hasn't been doing anything of importance. I hope things will change soon, this really can't continue like this! I hope to be able to visit in your blogs soon!


  1. You need to tell your human to get her priorities straight, Carlos!

  2. Yeah, what Sparkle said.
    We are glad you got spoiled though ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. No less than elebenty bazillion treats makes up for lack of blogging!! ;-)

  4. Thanks for the support, I knew I was right!

  5. dood...yur staff can bee sayin thanx bee ta cod thoz are BURD FREE treez !!!

  6. Hell they could have just come HERE to see all of that snow MOL