Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I almost saw another cat!

OMC, I almost saw another cat yesterday!

See? We even fit in the same picture! This another cat lives in our neighbourhood, and the lucky creature gets to go out by himself! 

The secretary claims though, that I didn't actually see this fellow feline... She says I was more interested in the grass and the trees than the cat. Well, what can I do when I've been separated from my breed by these humans! I probably wouldn't recognize another cat even if I saw one! And even if I would see one I guess I should actually notice it... kind of...


  1. dood...we see him two...him is headin for yur planter...if ya sprayed it good he will noe that this propertee iz yurz....N nothin wrong with lookin at grazz N treez long as they bee BURD FREE !!!!
    :) happee whitefish wednesday !!!

  2. You'd recognize another cat. Trust us on this one, instinct would take over in a split second. LOL.

    Teleport over here...The neighbourhood is filled with roaming cats, those with homes and sadly, those without.

  3. Is your human keeping you from enjoying your fellow species? That’s too bad.