Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas ornaments, one down...

I really do like Christmas, and I do appreciate all the ornaments the secretary is hanging up here and there. That doesn't mean I wouldn't kill them given the change. Or, let's say that I just test if they are kitty-proof or not. Very often they aren't, so there certainly is room for some product developement.

Now, let me introduce you to a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration called "Himmeli". 

My human made this with her own hands a couple of years ago. Traditionally they aren't black, but this tries to be a hip and modern version of it. Well, this himmeli had been stored in the walk-in closet, and I have been able to sneak close to it. You might guess now that I wasn't quite able to keep my paws off of it. So this is what the secretary found on the floor this morning.

Yep, it's dead now. I made sure of it. There's nothing we can do to save it. But you know, Chrismas decorations come and go, there's no hard feelings between me and my human. And I have already my next target picked out. I will report to you if my plan is succesful.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Heh heh, well done, Carlos! Can't wait to see your next "victim."

  2. What did you do with the other pieces? Under the couch? I'm sure your next plan will be as successful as this one!


  3. I hope you didn't EAT the rest - I can imagine it wasn't very tasty. ;-)

  4. ornimint iz way kewl but dont tell de staff mom purrson we said that...
    her mite get all like humanz get when they think they did a grate job

    next target...lightz !! ???

    heerz two a channel bass kinda week oh end ♥

  5. You better be careful, you may end up with coal for Christmas.

  6. We're hoping to kill a few ornaments, too, Carlos.