Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Too busy and too tired

That's what my human said to me when I tried to suggest her to write a long, deep and meaningful blog post for me. What a lame excuse! A 12 hour working day in her "real" work isn't a proper reason not to be able to contribute to my blogging purposes! I guess she just so conveniently forgot that there is a certain someone in this household, who is working 24/7/365 for her! Supervising is not an easy task!

Especially while taking a nap. A cats nap is often so unthoughtfully interrupted, but we never complain! We just keep supervising! And napping. And then supervising again. I think humans should be turned into cats for one day, so they could really understand how much work it is to keep a human!!

Oh well, I guess I have to let her rest now a bit. See you!


  1. Humans take our hard work for granted so often! :-(

  2. She owes you a long post! Let her know that it must happen soon.

  3. dood...peepulz could knot handle bein catz !!!! N yea, like tell yur mom to come up with
    'nother eggs cuse... coz that ones older than de earth it self... N thatz like 984 trillion yeerz
    and a few all her haz ta due iz toss de werd river in yur post sum wear...dont
    get much longer ore deeper N that....


  4. Humans work is not nearly as hard as ours,
    yet they complain so much :/
    We purr you get a good rest.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. All humans do is complain that they work too hard and are tired all the time. They need to get over it.

  6. Yeah, these beans need to be cats for awhile. That would teach 'em! :)

    Even our mom bean agrees. She says she could use the rest. Pffft!
    Sasha. Sami, & Saku