Thursday, 11 December 2014

Oops, game over!

You might share my concern that the kids nowadays spend too much time playing with their Playstations or pads or whatever. Well, I decided to go ahead and do something about it!

There! Try playing with a control that's wire is chewed off in two places!! You can't do that can you? 

Well, too bad I happened to destroy the ancient PS2, which isn't really in use anymore because they have a newer model, which has WIRELESS controllers... Oh darn... But at least I tried!!


  1. Oh! We have some of that around here too! The Princess is a champion wire chewer! She chewed an extension cord in half and has been working on the christmas tree cord too. The humans have recently figured this out and are trying different methods to keep the cords safe. The cord behind the living room sofa has a protector on it now and the bottom of the christmas tree has this weird round, green plastic grid like thing at the bottom of it to keep her from the wires.


  2. DOOD!!! eye chew inta any & everee cord eye can food gurl haz had ta re arrange
    lamps, fones, ewe name it ...coz eye haza ...thing...for electricatee !!!!


    bad joke eye noe....

    tuna ♥♥♥

  3. Wireless devices... a kitty's worst enemy!