Tuesday, 23 December 2014

O'Tannenbaum, anno 2014

Ok, I don't know if anyone understood the nifty subject line the secretary put together, but I think the pictures will tell you more than words.

The tree has settled in, and the humansput the decorations on. I offered my helping paw, but they said they would do it without my assistance. They should have given it a second thought, since they forgot to put any ornaments on the lower branches!! Now it's a lot more difficult for me to reach them! That's exactly what happens when you let humans do stuff on their own!

But, I guess the tree turned out pretty ok anyway. It's nice to look at laying on top of the warm fire place.

Tomorrow is the big day! I heard the house will be filled with humans at some point, I don't know what to think of that. But I don't care, I also heard that the dude in red will bring me some great pressies!!


  1. You can take care of it Carlos! We have faith in you!

    Jackson, Hershey, Bear and Princess Fiona Fuzzy Paws

  2. Well, I guess we are not having Christmas here... the tree is not up and my human is still working.

  3. Had joulupukki visited yet ?! Hyvää joulua kaveri!

  4. Nice tree- did you put the star on top?

  5. What a pretty tree! We bet you have a good view of it from up there! Meowy Catmas Eve!