Wednesday, 10 December 2014

You know what's really hard?

Obviously watching humans work or clean up the house.

Like here when she was cleaning up the kitchen. 

Or here while she was vacuuming the living room.

I get SO tired watching her clean up the house, that I must take a nap. It's so exhausting!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. dood...ewe iz WAY braver N any oh uz.... coz de minit de vacuum comez outta hidin; we run doez knot even knead ta be ON.....we run !!! ♥♥

  2. Are you afraid of the vacuum, Mr. Carlos? When our staff vacuums, Lilith hisses at it and tries to attack it. Rosco hides on the top shelf of the man-human's walk in closet. Tina hides in the laundry room.

    Also, belated Happy Finnish Independence Day! We hope your staff gave you treats and nip!

    Purrs & Headbonks,
    The Feline Contingent
    (Lilith, Rosco, & Tina)

  3. Why do the humans bother to clean? It's just going to get messy again.