Tuesday, 20 January 2015

An Enemy of a cat

Oh how I have suddenly gotten a competitor of the humans attention! The secretary got this technical gadget as a Christmas gift, and she has been obsessed with it ever since. It is an activity bracelet, and it has been a huge hit (especially as a Christmas gift and now after New Years when everybody is starting a "new improved life".) around our country. I don't know if you are familiar with it, but it basically measures how much the human jogs/walks/stands up, or how long she/he is sleeping or sitting down. It even calculates how many steps you take during a day. AND, of course there is an Iphone app too...As you know, sitting down too much is bad for your health! That's why we cats tend to lay down more.
Anyways, she has been checking her bracelet and exercising more than before in order to reach her daily goals. Obviously, that means some less time spent with me, the cat!! I'm a bit concerned of this unexpected development...
I'm thinking there should be a bracelet for humans which would alert regularly to remind the humans to feed/cuddle/sckritch/feed/ the cat. I think the humans would need reminders for that more than to "exercise"... Priorities, priorities!!!


  1. dood...we think ewe has just invented de next big tech gadget oh de centuree !!!
    market thiz eye dea N ewe will haz staff waitin on ewe paw N paw for like 110
    bazillion yeerz ....plus like once they put de "carlos clasp" on...they could never ever
    take it off !!!


    wear due we sign up ta buy one !!~~~

  2. Playing with you would count for a lot of exercise! She needs to run around your house more, dragging a string or wand toy or some such. :-)

    One of angel Annie's favourite games was to be chased through the house and up the stairs by our human. Of course, that was in our human's younger, somewhat leaner days. Haha.

    But you could get your human to do that with you, Carlos! :-)

  3. If your human needs exercise to reach her goals,
    playing with you should be her #1 activity!
    Plus, patting you and giving you scritches will lower her blood pressure :)
    Cats will make humans healthy!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. My human wants one of those fitness apps - I think your idea for a cat app is MUCH better!

  5. That is a great gift! I am sure playing with you is exercise too :)