Friday, 9 January 2015


It's Friday friends! It's all good. Well almost. The secretary and the kids went grocery shopping, and guess what?

They remembered to buy themselves all kinds of treats and candy, but brought me just ordinary food and litter. I mean please, where's MY Friday snacks and treats!?!? I'm moping here a bit. They better not repeat this next week...

Anyhow, happy Friday!!


  1. dood...hold de fone, mayo & onionz....tell de staff ta go bak out, get sum toys, treetz, food, snax anda pound oh fresh perch AND a new cat tree for ewe.... like pronto.....ore else....

    { but dont let em noe what...else...iz } let them bee feer full...

    heerz two a warm, walleye, whitefish week oh end !! ♥♥♥ see ya monday... in yur NEW CAT TREE ☺

  2. Oh Carlos, they need to rush right out and get you some Friday night goodies!!
    Are they back yet?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Oh, I think your human needs to get some remedial training - this just won't do!

  4. Uh oh! Your human is in big trouble!