Thursday, 15 January 2015

She's back

Can you believe the secretary sneaked out on a business trip without telling me! She was away for two days and one night! I feel neglected. Yeah, the rest of the staff was here, but you know how it is, not quite the same when mom is not home...

Well, now she's back and guess if she brought anything for me? Nope. Just the kids. 

I guess she was thinking of me when she bought this chockolate kitten for the kids. But she wasn't thinking hard enough, since she didn't remember to buy me anything! I think this is a scandal...


  1. dood....scandal times like 90...tell de secretarry to go bak on de biznezz trip N bring ewe home sum perch ona platter..fresh perch two, knot that pre packed perch ona platter mess....pee ezz de food gurl wants ta but in & say de kitteh iz way kewl....who ever made it did a AWESUM job ♥ even de dawgs iz grate !! ♥

  2. How rude of her to leave and then return without any gifts for you, Carlos!

  3. Oho. Ennenkuulumatonta! Tokihan nyt tuliaisia olisi pitänyt myös perheenpäälle ostaa.

  4. Well, that's just not fair, Carlos. She needs to go out and get you a present.