Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to get extra scritches

I would like to give you a hint on how to get some extra scritches and smootches from your humans. Well, I'm sure most of you kitties are familiar with this technique, but just in case there is someone who hasn't tried this out yet, here comes detailed instructions.

1. Follow the behaviour of your humans while they roam around the house. Which paths they usually use when going around the different rooms? Is there a certain route they most often walk along?

2. When you have figured out the routes, just select a spot directly on the path somewhere. 

3. Go and lay down comfortably on the floor.

4. Stretch yourself as long as you can, in order to cover the spot on the route as much as possible.

5. Look cute (this shouldn't be too hard on any of us kitties! We are born cute after all!)

6. Wait patiently when your human is walking around the house and walks towards you.

7. Receive careful strokes by a humans foot (No, she is not stepping on me in this picture above. She is stroking my back gently with her foot, exactly according to the plan.)

8. Look lovingly towards the human, make eye contact, and squint your eyes a bit.

9. Then the final pay off, the human  bends down and gives you proper scritches! Score!

10. Remember to reward your human too; purr and keep the eye contact with squinted eyes. You should reward your human for his/her good behaviour, so that they would remember to do that again!

There, go and try this sometimes and let me know if it worked for you!


  1. Excellent instructions, Carlos, we'll be sure to study them carefully and perfect our technique. :-)

  2. I haven't tried this technique! Usually I just go right up and ask for skritches (and of course I get them!).

  3. Pawsome advice Carlos!
    Julie is like Summer, she just runs up to Mom and gets lovins :)
    The rest of us will do your technique.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. That is a wonderful way to get extra attention from your human!

  5. We're gonna try that. And hope we don't get stepped on. ;)

  6. dood...theeze bee grate steps ta follow N we iz gonna post thiz on de fridge til we haz it memorized
    manee thanx for de tipz...we will let ewe noe by wednesday how we did, we iz hopin ta get an A in thiz class !!!