Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The great escape

Or a very good try at it...
Damned instincts, they guide me to try to escape this house whenever I see a chance to it. I know that I really shouldn't escape as some of you have pointed out, I live pretty nicely and my staff is quite ok. But STILL, I can't help myself... The great outdoors call me every now and then and it's very hard to ignore.
The other evening I came very close to a successful escape again. Since it has been very hot in here, and the rooms upstairs are almost like a badly warmed up sauna, the secretary opened up the windows for just a little while. She was upstairs too in another room, when suddenly she heard a weird sound, like my claws scratching a tin windowsill...
She ran to the other room, and saw me standing on the windowsill on my way out. Only my bum and my stupid tail were still inside the house. In these pictures you can see the crime scene.

The secretary grabbed my tail very fast, and didn't let go. I grabbed the tin windowsill very firmly and didn't let go. The window doesn't open that wide, so it was quite difficult for my secretary to get her hands on me properly. She kept holding on my tail and little by little she was able to get me inside.
I hadn't really thought how I would have proceeded after getting out of the window though... The roof you see is the roof of the carport, so it's not THAT high but probably too high for me to jump down anyway... It might have been an interesting case if I would have gotten on the roof...
Well, I guess I was lucky that my secretary got me in. But STILL! I just can't help myself!!! Just keep the windows shut so that I won't be tempted! Damned instincts!


  1. We'd be curious to get out too! My human is always watching the doors to make sure they are shut firmly and had a handyman make sure the window screens couldn't be pushed out. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner!

  2. I think you may have burned your feet on that roof if you had gotten out! They can be quite hot I am told.

  3. dood !!! we give ya an A for effort buddy but if de roof bee hot then be jezuz yur feetz wood bee two....throw a salmon out ther N if it roof iz two hot.....for what itz werth...we iz knot a loud out either tho we due get in two de garage...thatz as far as we haz ever ezzcaped !! ♥♥♥

  4. We can imagine your secretary hanging onto your tail. Our human has had to do the same a few times, though not recently, thank goodness. :-)

    The windows don't have screens, though? All our windows are screened, and here you can get heavier gauge pet screening for windows and storm doors -- it has a more flexible, rubbery texture (same fine mesh, though, as regular screens), that doesn't tear from cat's claws. That's not standard, we mean that's something you have to do yourself--or have a handyperson do. We had that on our old patio screen, but the new one isn't yet torn up. :-)