Thursday, 6 February 2014

Desperately seeking a cat tree

Guys, I have gotten bored with my old cat tree. My staff hasn't taken my opinion seriously so far. So I started inventing new options by myself. 

This new tree I tried isn't that good though, it's a bit too skinny. I'm having difficulties to sharpen my claws on it. Luckily I can also scratch the walls, I have finally found a piece of wallpaper that is perfect for that purpose. 

So, I guess I'm covered after all!


  1. My favorite spot to scratch is underneath the bed, where no one can see me... - Violet

  2. We think your humans ought to take the hint and get a tall cat tree with multi-levels for you!

  3. dood...yur tree iz rockin ...tho yes, itz kinda thin...but that nice piece oh upholstered goods rite ther
    wood make a GRATE scratchin ...cube !!!

  4. Espero que sua família providencie uma árvore gato urgente, para o bem do papel de parede hehehehe

  5. If the beans don't gets you a real cat tree, you can always try scratching the furniture...they gets furry excited. Then if they are like our mom bean they gives up! MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. MOL! You keep climbing that skinny tree, Carlos, and your human will get you a new tree in no time!