Thursday, 27 February 2014

Take me back, now...

Friends, I've  been through something  very confusing. Last Sunday I was suddenly put into my travel box, and taken to a nice lady. I think I remembered the place from before, but I had to be careful of course before letting my guard down. Then my secretary just left.
My staff had told me that they would be going for a skiing holiday up north, and I couldn't follow with them. Ok, six hours in the car didn't feel tempting at all so I thought I'd give this a try.
I have to say that I liked it. I had a very nice time. Actually, I had such a nice time that I was a bit upset when I was fetched home yesterday. I was kind of thinking that maybe I would be staying with the nice lady for good! I hadn't been thinking about my family at all.

But then I was taken back to my mansion again. I'm quite pissed off with my staff right now, they are really messing with my routines! I have SO much to do here now. I have to go and get my smell all around the house all over again, I have to check what were the places to be etc etc, you can only imagine. I guess the lady of the house was expecting plenty of nice purrs and cuddles from me after this time apart, but she's not getting any!! I didn't even get close to her, and kept my distance to all of them! I really need my space right now, while trying to settle down again! I even went back to my travel box in case they would take me back to the nice lady again, but they didn't. Well, I really need to get my point of view clear to them, I can't let this pass unpunished!
OK, so the big one gave me some really good nip in the evening, and I gave in. I really can't stay strong when nip is involved. I admit, I was purring and cuddling with the secretary in no time after that. I'll be giving them a lesson some other time.


  1. Matkailu avartaa! Mutta kyllä koti sitten on aina kuitenkin kiva, kunhan henkilökunnalle on kerrottu mielipide asiasta ensin.

  2. What can I say? They chose the right bribe!

  3. dood...foiled by de nip uh.....well....if it makes ya feel any better we haz ALL been fooled by de nip....just makes
    yur self a note in yur minds eye...what got de big staff purrson ta give ewe nip in de furst place......then hire a car
    ta drive ewe ta de nice ladeez houz N dont tell any one wear ewe iz goin......cept de nice ladee sew she haz food
    on hand !!!

  4. So they bribed you with some nip, huh, Carlos? You gotta hold out for more! Treats! Toys! That's what you need!