Friday, 7 February 2014

Guess what?

Make a guess where the white mat of the hall is now and why? 

I'll tell you the correct answer tomorrow, now I have to run...

P.s. I might have something to do with the disappearence of the mat...


  1. Rolled up in a closet because you keep scooting it all over?

  2. dood...ya teared it ta shredz N it bee in de trash o bin....itz in de washin masheen coz it wanted ta look gooooood for vizitorz.....ya selled it on EBAY for 89 bazillion $$$ !!!!!!

    ya noe we iz knot aloud ta play on line over de week oh end buddy sew we will say hope ewe haza salmon N shrimpz kinda week oh end !!

  3. Is it in the wash because you yakked on it?