Saturday, 8 February 2014

New water bowl

As I have mentioned sometimes, I don't like to drink water from my usual water bowl. My staff have been a bit clueless how to give me my water so that I would drink it, but today they finally hit the jackpot.

The lady of the house had left a glass of water on the sofa table. I found it, and thought I'd take a sip. THIS is the way I like my water to be served to me, just like the humans do it!
I think I'm turning into a human considering my habits! I guess it's because I don't have any fellow cats in this household whose habits I could imitate. Let's see what I will embrace next from them.
Oh, the answer to yesterdays question! The mat is being washed, since I happened to vomit on it. I guess I found something I wasn't supposed to eat, and ate it anyway.... That's life.


  1. We has found that drinking from a bean cup is the best too! Now the silly bean mom has a cup with a we has to knock it over, MOL

    Dont's worry about the mat...beans like to do laundry.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  2. dood...we say go for de keys ta de hard can it bee ta lurn ta drive......then ewe can drive yurself ta de pet store, 24/7...think oh de possybilla teez ther !!!