Saturday, 9 August 2014

A happy meal

Not the famous Happy Meal you might think, but a meal that made me VERY happy! The staff were having a good steak for dinner, and I got to eat some raw bites of it when the big one was preparing the meal. Yummy!!! Real fresh dead beef!!! 

This Caturday was just upgraded a notch!


  1. Staff: Real fresh dead beef! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The Feline Contingent: Stop it, Meowmie! You're embarrassing us in front of kitty furr-iends. We're sorry, Mr. Carlos. Our staff has recently become incorrigible. We're trying to find a rehab facility for her.

  2. You lucky dog! Er...we mean, cat!! ;)

  3. dood !!! talk bout livin de life....glad yur staff iz FINAL LEE payin a tenshun, full a tenshun... ta carlos.....took em a while for sure but.....steak two day dood N de keyz ta car car two morrow !!!

    sa wheat ~~~~