Friday, 22 August 2014

Just another quiet day

Now I finally have my secretary back. When she came home last night, I just parked myself on her tummy, purred and stared her for a long time. She didn't have a heart to move me, so it took a while before she was able to fall asleep. You can call it a sweet and intelligent revenge, or you can call me a sappy and sensitive kitty who just missed his mom...

Me and many other blogging cats are missing Sparkle today. It was very sad news that she's not among us anymore. May you rest in peace, thank you for all the great stuff you shared with us!


  1. Yes, Jackson does that one to our Mom too. We are all very sad about Sparkle too.

  2. dood....we will call it intelligent revenge.... ya got yur mom staff purrson rite wear ya want her...N oh course therz nothin wrong with bein sweet & sappy...just dont let HER noe that !!

    heerz two a grate week oh end N may sockeye salmon fill yur food bowlz ♥




  3. That's what we call getting your revenge AND luvvins, too! What an elegant solution.

  4. Good one, Carlos. Make her pay. :)