Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Yawn!! This heatwave we're having is starting to get to us and we don't really have energy for anything. The summer and the heat is lovely, but we Northeners aren't quite used to having more than +30 celsius for this long. 

Well, it will be over someday soon and we'll be complaining about the snow. Business as usual that is. 

Have a splendid Wednesday!


  1. dood...we iz bored heer in TT in day out...sleep, nap, snooze, snax, use de box N ree peet......wait....thatz R roo teen.... hay, yur fotoz R rockin by de way....yur showin sum troo style & form !! ♥

  2. We never get bored around here - when there's even a hint of that happening, somekitty goes and causes trouble!

  3. Look at those fangs! It's quite hot here too, but that's to be expected.