Monday, 11 August 2014

For me?

Oh, how lovely bunch of roses the secretary had brought for me! They smell nice!

Maybe I could taste them a bit too...

What was that? I'm not allowed to? So you say they aren't for me at all? Bummer. Just keep your stupid flowers then. What use there is of them if one isn't allowed to play with them at all... Next time, bring me some fresh catmint!


  1. dood...ya due knot wanna chew on roses anyway....they R like a gurls flowers ore sum thin...course thiz comes frum dai$y sew who noes if itz troo...stix ta man lee stuff like reel live dead mice; big ole chipmunk, may bee even a nice juicy hunk a steak again.....hint hint ta carlos' staff ♥

  2. Yeah, who needs flowers that are non-edible? What good is that?

  3. We can't have real flowers in our house because Wally WILL eat them!