Wednesday, 13 August 2014

White fish, come to papa!

I had some white fish today! Live fresh dead smoked white fish straight from our grill!!
Look how delish they look right there in the grill! I could even skip the grilling part and just EAT them like that! But the staff insisted... I guess they can't eat the fish like that, their "sensitive stomach" might get upset. Poor excuse in my opinion.

But I have to say the smoked fish was also very good.
I got some bites first...

...and then some on my plate.


And this is how the poor delicious fish looks like after we have finished it!
Oh I'm so glad after all that I have the big one in my staff... Allthough he doesn't usually feed me my basic cat food, and allthough we don't always see eye to eye on all of the things, he sure knows how to make special meals for me. He's the master chef of the live fresh dead meat and fish in our house. The secretary can't really compete with that. Anyways, it's good that there is an important role for each member of my staff. I've heard that it is important for people to know their role in an working environment in order to feel motivated. So, I think they should be thankful for having such a clever boss!
See ya!


  1. DOOD !!! we iz mega gel uz...onlee white fish we ever get iz ina CAN...sure its live dead reel fish but it sure iz knot hot off de grill ore even outta de micro wave.....yea, yur dad staff did a grate job.....he can stay !! ♥

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job of training your staff! I often get my big one to feed me stuff too, bacon and ham are some of my favorites.

  3. WOW, did those fish look tasty! Yum!