Thursday, 28 August 2014

Living the good life

It's good to be a cat. Especially in the morning when the staff wakes up early and prepare themself to work and school. It's grey and heavy rain outside. Then this above mentioned lucky cat can just slowly stretch himself in the bed, go eat some breakfast....

...and move himself on a fluffy and soft carpet to take a nice morning nap while the staff are leaving. In these kind of days the secretary wishes she was a cat, and I'm so happy to be one!


  1. Carlos, it IS a good life, though we know that not every cat is so lucky. Enjoy your day!

  2. How do you get off so easy, Carlos? Is it because your humans work and go to school outside of the house? My human works at home and she keeps me busy looking after her!

  3. dood....ya dunno how much we long food serviss gurl we say heer in TT...

    haza fun time battlin trafficz, peepulz, weathers, road construction, co werkers, crappy pay

    we will mind de houz, eat food, sleep, nap, snooze N ree peet...while ewe iz gone !!!!