Friday, 20 September 2013

I've seen paradise

Yes I have. I have been in a wonderful place where an indoor cat can roam free among bushes, grass and trees. I have felt the fresh air and cobwebs on my whiskers, I have smelled the mice that live there, I have climbed the trees and watched the birds. It truly was a paradise. I have been promised that I can go there every summer with my staff. They modestly call it a cottage, but for me it really is a heaven on earth. As always, I have pictures for you.

See? Pure heaven.

Here you can also see a part of my staff, the smallest of them. They love the place as much as I do. My paradise is a small island. The way to the island requires some effort, they put me in my travel box, and we travel by car and by boat to the island. But it's all worth it, and I'm a very patient and well behaved traveller. Since it's an island, I can run free there because my staff knows I won't be going even near the water, so there is nowhere to escape. Not that anyone would want to escape that place.

Sigh... I miss my island paradise so very much. If I could count, I would count the days until the next summer. But I can't so I just miss the place... Sigh.

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